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  1. Get a bag ot garlic n pepper flour while you there for the batter too [emoji16]
  2. Get a pack of red talapia from marko fry it up get a pack of pag and compare
  3. Pag has a bad texture it's a bit like mmm Styrofoam not good for fnc
  4. This uan thing has nothing to do with th inate racism that the word farang has the Thai use of nick names as you state one is called uan is totally different as you fail to see
  5. Red talapia fillets fry well good for fish n chips frozen in marko 200b kilo or there abouts give it a go
  6. The problem is not the word for forenger. Which is ชาวต่างชาติ Chāw t̀āng chāti Its with the slang and sometimes derogatory word falang
  7. So Thai persived or actual rasism towards white forenger is actually the fault of the forgeners
  8. For me it's not the offence I feel I don't fell it much normally it just say sabbarot back and it confuses the hell out of em. It's the perceived racism from others that's the problem, you just can't ignore it, it's just like saying ppl in Ireland think it's OK to call all Chinese slat eyes. It's not OK.
  9. Yinn. Do you think the poor Thai education system has anything to do with the common use of the word?
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