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  1. Another step towards the total monopoly of a company that already has a monopoly in other branches!
  2. They probably don't have any filters installed (Thai version, install and forget), so they don't have to do any maintenance!
  3. I have a human as a true friend, and that's enough! With all those I called friends until a few years ago, I had some bad experiences, so I don't want to try to make friends with humans anymore! I have many friends in the "animal" world, real friends!
  4. It seems that you infest the air just to give someone the chance to make money with useless things! Reducing the discharges of vehicles and factories is the only solution!
  5. You don't really understand what the general tries to explain to you every day, Thailand needs more weapons and ammunition! There is no money available for you, 1st. THE MILITARIES, later you will see!
  6. The monetary policy of the central bank makes itself felt, unfortunately the losers are the farmers again!
  7. Does it seem to me more like an offensive preparation, a war? Against who?
  8. It seems to me more a warning of the many "fires" that are in Thailand than an inspiration of confidence! For the greatest dangers here (criminals and road hazards) you don't need the fire brigade but the police!
  9. Let's see how many of these will remain in Thailand ... I expect a large increase in Indian tailors (Giorgio Armani, Boss and ...)!
  10. The group of people you want to reach do not have any permanent job but only do odd jobs, do not have social security and the other facilities that the "non-poor" have.
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