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  1. Many of these irresponsible drivers do not even know how much room they need to brake, if then, in addition to the maintenance not done, the speed is added, then the tragedy is planned!
  2. It really seems that someone is very interested in eliminating cannabis as a medicine. Dr ...... in Thailand sounds very important, it is not. All that nature offers us is for health, in case it shouldn't work ... it certainly doesn't hurt
  3. And here is another proof: do you have money? Kill, because then with the money you buy the conscience of the family, GREAT !!!
  4. As always you will surely have informed everyone of your blitz ...
  5. I would like to file a complaint against all the sellers I meet who ask for more than eighty baht. The police are not very interested, is there another possibility?
  6. And another farce after that of the elections, for what election to the PM? You already know who it will be!
  7. What you see in the video is that the ambulance was treated fairly dangerously! The lawyer (driver) has probably studied the tricks of the trade in the US, which is the best way to get clients.
  8. As with all laws in Thailand, it has been forgotten to order the police to prosecute the perpetrators! In a weekly market in our neighborhood, fakes are sold as well as lottery tickets over 80 Baht! TO BE MENTIONED IS THAT THIS MARKET IS MADE ON A LAND NEAR A MILITARY BARRACKS WITH THE SUPERVISION OF THE SOLDIERS!
  9. I wonder why no one takes care of all the fakes sold by LAZADA!
  10. Attention: many products offered by Lazada are fake and others of poor quality!
  11. Even with such an expensive car, it's not a guarantee that you know how to drive! The behavior then really leaves something to be desired!
  12. Thailand, a country with so many rules and laws that nobody follows because of the organizations responsible for enforcing them, behave in the same way.
  13. The biggest problem is that there are too many monks taking advantage of their role to act illegally!
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