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  1. I hate long queues too. But maybe it's what we must endure so that future headlines say, "Tourists Targeted by International Criminals Drop due to Biometric Scanning at Airports."
  2. Ohhhh...you sound so much like Dr. Martin Luther King. The left in America will never allow King's dream to be realised. If America becomes color blind and people advance based on merit alone, liberal Democrats will lose their base. Convincing people they are hapless victims, forever in need of government assistance, is what sustains them. If racism dies, they die. Keep stirring up the pot AOC and "the squad."
  3. You used the adjective before the noun in "white....men." I take offence, as it is politically incorrect in America. Just as it is when you say "colored women," or "colored people" The politically correct terms are "women of color," or "people of color." Therefore, it is not "white men," or "white people." The politically correct terms are "men of whiteness" or "people of whiteness." If that isn't confusing enough, you are, however, allowed to place the adjective first, as in "African American" or "German American." ...just a lesson in the culture war destroying America.
  4. I liked Thailand before technology, before the internet. Back in the day, we were curious about one another. Travel was meaningful and fun. We made eye contact. We smiled and chatted. Your entertainment was the person sitting next to you, not the person at the other end of your messenger app. Mobile devices didn't exist. If you needed tickets, you had to go to a travel agent; if you needed directions, you had to ask a local for directions; if you wanted to know the ingredients in a plate of food, you spoke with the cook, or for the meaning of a word, someone bilingual, not Google Translate. I believe a lot of the current dissatisfaction stems from the disconnect. The world has become so connected that we're not connected. Human interaction is only superficial, if not completely absent. Both tourists and locals have become jaded. With everyone posting everything on Youtube, it's nearly impossible to have a new experience. The locals already know about your culture, and you, theirs. Traveling has become much like an amusement park experience...don't stop, keep moving, hand them your money. So people shuffle along, barely lifting their eyes from their screens, while planning the next big "adventure."
  5. Why would they want our help? They shouldn't ask outsiders to interfere. This is a domestic matter for Thais to resolve themselves. The only action I'll take is getting the hell out of the way. Duck and cover.
  6. Our ancestors lived in caves and walked around naked. Walking around naked again doesn't seem progressive; it seems regressive.
  7. Where's the video? Most criminals are forced to return to the scene to re-enact their dastardly deed in the presence of the media, police, and casual onlookers. Lights, cameras, action!
  8. That's why the new railroad from southern China is cutting right through the heart of Thailand. It's all for Thailand's benefit. The Chinese are very altruistic people. They'll give you the shirt off their back.
  9. Just as Democrats sit on their hands while radical socialists take control of the Democrat party. No party represents the vast majority of centrists. No clear choice to make. The middle is being forced to take a side, to choose either extreme group. America needs a third party.
  10. You have over a thousand dollars? You are rich according to Democrats...
  11. Record low unemployment, stock market booming too. Glad Obama's gone and his "spread the misery" policies of the left are over.
  12. But the election wasn't entirely about immigration. The middle-class has been getting screwed for the last 30 years. They showed up at the polls. That's why Trump won.
  13. When candidates "squeak by" they always have low poll numbers. Trump has been under a barrage of attacks from those who will not accept the results of the last election. No mandate? He got a clear mandate from the people who voted for him, they won. And he's done better than any ticking-off the check boxes of his campaign promises, unlike the last spineless president. Trump has been willing to ignore Wall Street, Hollywood, and corporate cronys to stand up for the working class, the vast electorate in the hinterlands. You claim he as "accidental" as though the electorate mistakenly checked the wrong box. There is nothing mistaken. The losers lost. They don't get to run the show. The upset of the last election set a clear mandate for Trump: the sinking working class isn't going to take it anymore, no more unfair trade advantages, no more shipping our manufacturing base to China, no more illegal immigration. If the Democrats want business as usual, to continue destroying America, they will have to win the next election first; that's how it's done in a democracy. Maybe next time the political pundits, coastal elites, and major news media outlets won't smugly predict a Democrat landslide, even on election night, and have their heads handed to them.
  14. Yeah...the country that invents almost everything and landed a man on the moon half a century ago.
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