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  1. The one down the street used to play the recording so loud that it was total bird anarchy. It was driving people crazy. They finally toned it down to about 50% of what it used to be. There must be pretty good money in the product... I bet it mostly goes to china. I am cool with any animal that eats mosquitoes.
  2. That is what we heard too, but out in the countryside between samut sakhon and Cha Am there are these buildings all over the place. I can see a few here and there. There is one on this side of the river as well... right down the street. It is the same size and construction as the lime one. The birds are really loud too... Sometimes it sounds like the day of the triffids around here.
  3. It is the lime green one
  4. I am down here in Samut Sakhon. We've got some buildings that were recently built across the river that are 5-6 stores tall. No windows, and no lights. A few years back, we went down to Cha Am and took the backroads closer to the bay than hwy 35, and there were multitudes of them throughout the countryside. Are these things built for swallows to nest? I just can't fathom the expense of building these structures for swallow nest soup. Am I delirious, or are these structures built solely for swallows?
  5. Thanks ubonjoe that information clears things up. I will make a copy of that page and bring it to the immigration office.
  6. We went to the immigration office in Samut Sakhon and they indicated that I need medical examination certificate to apply for the marriage extension of my visa... I feel like I am getting the runaround
  7. This is all very entertaining, but seriously.. what all is involved with the exam? How much does it usually cost?
  8. Apparently I am getting a medical exam for my visa, Does anyone know exactly what is involved with that? Is there blood work or Injections or fingers up the ass? I am uncertain what to expect. I looked in the search and didn't find any info.
  9. When you fly into any town in the states, you can see the wastewater treatment plant... When flying into Bangkok, you do not see any of them. Why could that be? The mindset that dilution is the solution for polution may be partly true, but at some point it will have to be formally addressed. My back yard is a river with brobably 40 milion souls upstream, none of which has more than a sewer cistern that outflows to the river when it rains. We don't do much swimming. Once in a while we see a jetski... If a guy wanted hepatitis, I can't think of a better place for an exposure than that river.
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