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  1. I have put condos in her name before and sold them 14 years together I purchase houses we have done renovations on 4 houses in Australia and sold them for thousands more over the years she can keep the money if she wants from the condos now she has 2 condo shops worth $80000 but I take your point and with thais it usually comes back to money when we first met there were a gang of girls for me to choose from in the farming community we all went to town in the back of a ute all the girls started looking for something for me to buy for them bags clothes ect but this one did not want anything and she came from the poorest family not only that her toilet had no door and her father put one on for me that was the deal maker
  2. I wont be coming to Thailand much any more I have put the condos in my girlfriends name and instructed her to sell them we still have a house in the country that I built but we plan to live in Australia permanently I have submitted her spouse visa application maybe a once a year visit 29 days return the 60 day visa gave me an option to extend or leave early and it was good but no more the bart is too strong the roads are a death trap over 1000 people died on the roads in January alone and that's not counting the ones who die later from injuries its too hot and life seems to revolve around food I am over Thailand now
  3. i was refused to enter thailand without a return ticket even though i had a 60 day visa in australian passport its the first time i have ever been forced to buy a ticket out of the country before i could enter they said you have had too many tourist visas and we think you are not a tourist i own my own condo and have a girlfriend and they say you must get a marriage visa or a retirement visa and you will not be allowed in on a tourist visa again
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