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  1. I did see a post some time ago where the poster said he got a vape pen with his oil from the doctor,can't remember if he got cartridges or not.
  2. No my education (brain washing?) was in Australia.I just found these by googling I guess you would have to contact or visit to see if they are suitable. DekMontessori Training Thailand Ekkamai Road, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand 061-3873515 Piti Suksa School Montessori English Program 337/1 Moo 4 Rim Kok Mueang Chiang Rai Chiang Rai Thailand 053 750-888 (+66) 053-750888
  3. I'm sure there are ways to block the signals but I'm also sure that any interference with the signal could be detected which could then be addressed with a fine!I've also read that man has not made a lock that can't be picked so I'm sure some people would end up bypassing any system.
  4. I once asked why they called a bloke hydraulic,because he'll lift anything!
  5. Just wondering if home schooling is an option?I was lucky enough to get the type of schooling you're referring to for 2 years and can't recommend it highly enough.
  6. As long as the GPS says you don't run em to fast,Down under we have em or sometimes we take em.
  7. As usual they a merely copying ideas and it's not so idiotic as it sounds as enforcement would not be reliant upon inefficient policing by inefficient enforcement officers and could eliminate the bribery element of which many here have expressed their dislike for.It would have a major impact on peoples tendency to speed especially all those mini vans which go screaming past me even when I'm speeding.Imagine the benefits of reducing the fatality rate from accidents.Also imagine getting a ticket each time you exceed the speed limit.I'm wondering why people think that reducing speeding is such an idiotic idea,perhaps you may be able to inform me as you are one of those people.
  8. Will not be long before they are able to eliminate speeding by having the speed of the vehicle controlled by the GPS data that will be sealed in a tamper proof box.When coupled with radio GPS can be accurate to within a couple of centimetres.We build rail and roads and even do land boundary work with GPS so people better get ready because this is well on the way to becoming reality.How do people think google are able to provide google maps?I can tell you it's not with a tape measure and a theodolite,they even operate planes with this technology.Not to mention all those military drones!
  9. My wife bought quite a lot of farmland and likes to play smart or dumb farmer which sucks a lot of money (along with all the cheap plastic cr@p I'm not allowed to chuck out) which I didn't mind when I was working but I've retired I've gone the cheap charlie route which has always been my natural style so I told the missus that I will no longer pay for anything farm related not even diesel for the tractor and after the dust settled she eventually realised that I was right to keep the money I have left for any real emergencies until I reach pension age by which time we can start living like kings and queens again.Just imagine having 40,000 baht a month to spend.I've always been prepared to walk away with absolutely no regrets or ill feelings if she wants me to leave.I do believe she loves me but that isn't the only thing that keeps me hear as I actually love it hear in Thailand and one of my goals in life is to get bored but I find that very difficult to do here as my wife's endless antics are a priceless source of enjoyment for me.
  10. I don't see it as a shakedown but giving you an alternative option of avoiding court and a possible record and the price is comparable to a DUI in OZ and as Britman suggests they are often open to a bit of haggling especially if you do it in a friendly manner.
  11. Of course it's not true as it looks like they maybe cancelling all flights to all countries and may soon cease to exist.
  12. See how much of a hoot she gives if some other woman tries to cut her grass or if you are threatened by someone.Judging from my own experience the cold shoulder and aloufness are part of the game or test of my commitment but although I also play the game and when things go pair shaped or some emergency occurs I leave her in no doubt about my commitment and I'm still stand by her side after 20 years and have no intention at this time to leave her although if you ask me in five minutes you might find me ready to pack my bags!Lots of swings and roundabouts.
  13. Not at all chicken probably the best solution otherwise the situation would just drag on.Good luck.
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