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  1. Sorry Peter I should have watched the video before posting.I was going to edit but i'm being absolutely plagued by error 522.
  2. Son: Dad how do I do it? Dad: It's easy son I've prepared a template just use that!
  3. According to other news sources no cases were found in Samut Sakhon and 35 were found in Pathum Thani so this template reporting of what's going on is utter rubbish and fake news and cannot be trusted.It's blatant misreporting of the facts and utterly shameful.To think people suggest that this news source can be trusted goes to show how gullible some are. Edit: it seems this has already been commented on ah well better late than never.
  4. Lots of flu likes symptoms going around the village and our house here during the last 10 days, and nobody is doing any testing.
  5. So I wrote the above post and hit save and got hit by error 522 but this time I copied the post and tried again isn't tech wonderful!Ha Ha!Take that error 522 you scumbag!Am I going on holiday now?
  6. Thanks for the link Mr Owl, I had a quick look but I'll try and post what I was trying to say earlier from what I can remember anyway.My mother told me about a book called Love Your Disease which she said was about some people who liked to be sick because they got more attention, I also remember a Chinese doctor who said most diseases can be controlled or I'm sure he said cured by what we eat.I also remember hearing about the Laughing Doctor who would do a full belly laugh each morning for a minute,he said that just the act of doing the belly laugh produces good chemicals and made them circula
  7. I had a whole post about your book and some of the stuff I've heard and thought very clever but error 502 keeps hitting me,I wonder if it's because of my anti Thai covid and transparency postings.
  8. Isn't it wonderful how many people celebrate my Birthday! Don't know about the value of olive oil, apparently it is why people who use it live to be much older and if you are much older you'll die from covid so I can't really recommend such a dangerous product!
  9. The actual figure of people testing positive is about 6% the 15.3% number you quote is a guess or estimate if you like.
  10. On reason might be the retesting the initial positive results for confirmation but who knows.
  11. Apparently covid can exit the body via ones rear end maybe he caught it when some passed wind and wasn't wearing undies?
  12. I did an hour and a half once then my brother told me about picking up the soap and that was enough for me.
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