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  1. Slight rise in deaths, investigation underway to determine if it's an exponential increase!At this stage the numbers look like they're flatlining.
  2. No money coming in and now it's starting to leak and the economic ship maybe in danger of capsize.
  3. Definitely an exponential decay in numbers of deaths since yesterday let's hope the exponential trend in this decay continues.
  4. So what day do those 6,628 tests correlate in regards to the day their results are published?If we take the result of 1763 from the 4th (the lowest) that would indicate a 26% positivity rate.
  5. When you say Thailand has reached its peak is that you predicting this?Might it not also just be a bump or ridge on the way to its final peak,John I hope your not peaking too early!
  6. Looks like it's risen exponentially since yesterdays result.It's almost like an exponential game of snakes and ladders!
  7. Actually I think the LINE app people could also do a better job than this administration so it might be better if the future was on the LINE app, couldn't be any worse could it?
  8. Would that make May 1st and 2nd about 11,000 tests for each day?That would bump the infection rate up towards 20% if that was the case.
  9. After suffering the pandemic for over a year I think there would heaps of covid stir crazed people itching to just get away from it all.
  10. The Gov't isn't responsible they're irresponsible!It's all in the ir!The "i" is for inept and the "r" is for reprehensible.
  11. Ody I paint with a roller which I find much more efficient when it comes to broadness.I ask myself why did god create Australians?To make the Irish look intelligent.
  12. Sure they can by testing to a certain limited capacity many undiagnosed deaths can be missed by the system they have, which is limited testing and as some can attest to the deaths can be quickly cremated without much notice and put down to viral pneumonia.Not terribly difficult and not much of diddling of numbers, easy peasy.
  13. You forgot the "we're all going to die" types,and the "I'm afraid to breath without my mask on" types.
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