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  1. If I remember correctly someone famously said he's a bit of a recalcitrant?
  2. We are just west of the Amnat Yasothon border.If you draw a line between the 2 cities we are about 30 km from each city and about 16km north of the main road between the two.
  3. Just starting to get some light showers here.
  4. Experiencing more problems with the TMD site again.
  5. Quite right to raise such concerns and they are appreciated.Personally we work closely with the Forestry Department and have the correct permits and stamps and we attend their courses and grow 2,000 of their trees.I might point out that "exotic woods" is a term for woods not native to the local area.I actually agree with the protection the laws provide for trees.We recently attended a woodworking course hosted by the Khon Kaen Forestry Dept and had them come to our place to look at and give advice on our Teak plantation which was very informative.
  6. As usual we directly in the projection path,we are 100km NNW of Ubon.The TMD site has the centre from last night down to 950 hPa which is very low.Still no updated synoptic chart for this morning,either the 0100 am or the 0700 am.Rain is shown to be on the eastern edge of Amnat Charoen.
  7. My trust in what people from this institution say has waned significantly during this pandemic.
  8. The only angle this these vaccines will be looked at is from the profit angle where governments will pay big pharma huge sums with tax payer's money and then claim they are providing the vaccines for free.
  9. It's definitely got that smell about it.Is that what Prayuth meant when he said Thai style democracy?
  10. I'm no expert at chain sharpening but have done quite a bit of it and lots of youtube research which is where I learned about sharpening the teeth at 10 degrees for rip sawing and makes a huge difference.I have a Makita thickness planer which is great but one side of the timber needs to be planed flat first so I end up using a combination of hand planing and the thickness planer I built my woodwork bench that way.I used a 24" handsaw to cut 6"-7" square posts salvaged from the farm which took a few days and got lots of saw sharpening practice.The wood was Mai Gik which gave off sparks when I c
  11. I blame the Cookie monster!I can't find my activities list, bloody cookie monster ate that as well.Maybe a little explanation list of improvement changes for dummies would be an idea.
  12. Only done a few test cuts on the mill and they went really well,I'm still try to work out some sort of base for holding the logs in place for cutting.I've seen the circular saw method you describe next door when they cut up a Teak log and found it fascinating and some of the freehand chainsaw suff is pretty amazing as well.I've tried the freehand method that's why I made the mill I totally suck at freehand and since I'm hand planning the lumber it really sucks even more. Sounds like you might have to go the Meccano set approach for your farm donga.
  13. Where do you get your numbers from that say there are 100,000 people going to hospital each day in those six countries?The Czech Rep.has 3500 people at the moment and is the highest but that isn't everyday.That graph in the article shows totals not daily admissions.Even if each of those countries had 3500 daily admission that still wouldn't reach 100,000 daily.So it unless I'm mistaken you might be mistaken.
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