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  1. That's precisely what we used to do here,1987 Mae Nam Beach 60 Baht a night Bamboo bungalow on the waters edge Ganja from the restaurant ahh the good ole bad days in paradise pure bliss. That's what got me hooked on this place.
  2. I was taught to use the right tool for the job or was it the right job for the tool?
  3. Really any Tom ,Dick or Harry could have called him a traitor,which is a long way from criticising,then if the reporter puts the allegation to him and he dismisses it then it would make a sensational headline,I think they call that type of behaviour gutter journalism,if it was someone worthwhile that called him a traitor they would have quoted and named the accuser.
  4. It seems as if they started treating the fungal infection as soon as they found out about it which according to the article was 30 days before he died.Probably unlucky he wasn't treated by Dr House or he could have been saved!
  5. I'm most definitely on the wrong way then and I will let you know that it's so much more fun than your way.
  6. People will go to extraordinary depths to chase a dollar just look at some of the mines around the world.
  7. When a heap of people sit around in a circle passing around chillums all day no really gives a sh!t where people come from and everyone has a good time unlike all the paranoid straight people and there reluctance to mix it up.Chillout relax and don't hog the chillum.
  8. I'm betting this story will get some joyful air in Rooster's next weekly foray into the literary.
  9. Especially when they only recently burnt tons of the stuff,or did they?
  10. No you are not the only one but I think you might be in the minority camp.
  11. I counted five people who walked over to help the boy including the motor cyclist who also turned around to help the boy sorry if people thought I meant something other than that,I've seen and attended several accidents and found Thais always generous with assistance.In Australia it's actually illegal to not stop and render assistance and hit and runs are not that uncommon!
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