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  1. Where would this op take place?,a for profit private hospital no less,its those blood sucking locusts that have created this problem, was,not for them no problem
  2. Its the fault of the for profit private hospitals, with their crazy prices the very ones the Thai govt want to rein in.....36000 GBP for a cancer op at BKK private hospital...short flight 3000 gbp ,or free if UK bound
  3. Get a bucket list too Bowel cancer scan about 500 here in thailand have seen it for 32000 upwards...endoscopy same -same...skin cancer check up,about 2/300...maybe heart echo heart stress test all cheap,few good quality shirts made up last time there about 5 bucks a piece, glasses/hearing aids whatever, get a roadside cut-throat barber shave...nothing quite like it,the guy may well come inside the hospital doing it, about 10 baht.....if any moles ,get them removed there and analysed have seen prices here of 42000 ,guy swimming last week just had one removed stated for his 17000 baht there about 500baht
  4. I liked the immigrant workers insurance plan a year or so ago,confined to govt.hospitals,some ex pats thought they could get onboard ,but were eventually denied,just beef that up for ex pats instead of leaving us to the mercy of private health insurance companies. Point is not everyone will ever use these health insurance policies
  5. You must have had something in mind George to want to go to Delhi. Sounds like there may well be something going on beside prostate,cannot see how that is paining you,you already stated it is small sized,cannot judge by your method ,but mine at 140 grammes was a whopper by any measurement,not that it hurt but life sure was screwed up before the op,...pissing when you do not want to,not pissing when you are bursting,...back in agony because of liver problems created by it....but you are still here George,taking your time over these events
  6. Gees George,wake up (for a bit) No need for Laos for Indian visa,do it on line,the forms a bit long-winded,take a break when doing it,the guy at the other end monitoring it will help too. Just go to Trip Advisor,go look at options. The Rrps is down against most currencies so good time to go .plus if you cannot answer any or most of the questions,put any old crap down,they never check
  7. True,hardly anybody 60/70 plus is going to live with a 4000 gbp insurance tag every year. Times up Id say,...'hard assets to sell' that time has well and truly passed. All those 50 plus and laughing with low insurance costs,..your time will arrive
  8. George, the blockage you talk about could be sub meatal stenosis,it is blockage at the end of the cock. On discharge from that hospital in India they gave me these plastic rods (whatever the name is) supposed to insert it into cock and massage it for a time,about 10 days worth,opens the end up that has closed due to scar tissue or something like. Could not handle it,the thought made me shudder,but I suffered really did,it was painful when taking a piss,all over the place too. Went to govt. hospital,told them what I wanted doing,trained nurse opened it up for me,only took a minute or so 530 baht I did go to Goa to get my op,there is more going on there,Calcutta,not much 'cept for historic buildings,getting into that surf just at daybreak is something else. Dashed my foot on a rock,went to nearby , cottage hospital for dressing plus injection 100 baht,but there was visiting cardiologist from top heart hospital there,doing turn of duty ,did a heart echo test 200 baht,CD and ticker tape,thought this is crazy,how much here 20.000? Monsoon on horizon Id get moving quick-quick......Adolf Hitler says sod you
  9. Get it done in India George,take her with you,they encourage family members to accompany too
  10. This is what I got too,I got them under half price eventually. You need to tell them that you have had cheaper prices elsewhere,Calcutta ,Desun hospital for instance,they themselves will be cheaper than 2000 USD. Opt for ward ,they will never put you in one,but semi-private, just like I. It was 2 years ago I had the op there in Goa,suppose like everywhere prices have gone up,not to that avail tho,and Rps against GBP are weak. Email them back with a quote of 1200 from Desun,more than likely they will accept,give a try anyway
  11. You two guys are in for a hell of an awakening when you do finally take the plunge. First hour there in Indian hospital drink water lots of it,then flow meter ,all flat lining as they say,absolutely no flow,just dribble. At discharge same- same but like a rocket,it hurt had to slow stream down. No more getting up 5 or 6 times in the night,freedom to piss when I like ,when I like,no changing pants 2 3 or more times in a day. That catheter pained tho the longer it was there,will remain until blood flow was considerably reduced. Pain management,just a small box of the stuff inserted into dehydration tubing into arm,kept increasing the flow by increasing pin pricks into bag ,but morphine strip would have done well,but as I asked the catheter was removed. The Indians sure treat you with dignity ,professionalism and courtesy,far more than the bunch here in Thailand
  12. Sorry for you George Senor that is,really am. ,but Id try the Indian option before flying to the USA,the doctors/surgeon's there are extremely good,looked at list here at your nearest point to India Calcutta,they are good,reputation means everything to those guys,they get sacked and kicked out on their hospitals if they foul up,here in Thailand they just promote them. Consultation about 500 baht cheap flights,you could have been there and back,treatment delivered for the time this threads been running... Stay away from chain hospitals Apollo,Fortis,RG Stone,they are expensive, not as this lot tho,but the independent hospitals are just as good,opt for ward if deciding on treatment ..they will never put you in one anyway,but save money If suspected cataracts try one of those eye hospitals there,everything as good if not better than Ruthin and far far cheaper Anyway hate to see that suffering,it will be damaging your kidneys too belle vue.htm Prostate Gland Operation, Prostate Laser Surgery In Kolkata - View Cost, Book Appointment Online Practo.htm
  13. You will never know either,problem is you do not know how much rotting piss you have in your body at any one time,and then the amount of antibiotic to administer,too much OK,it does the job,too little waste of time,then the time comes for you to take a piss,all the antibiotic is flushed out of your system,ready for the cycle to begin again,and again Indian hospital Id try prostate instead of urology in search try a few off those advertising sites,they will jack the prices up for sure. Just get a list up of general hospitals there,Skype them ,ask them if they do prostate reduction. I once put an accent on and told one my name was Ghandi,walked in,bit surprised but held to price offered All good fun
  14. Not as simple as that. The unknowing,after accident would be shifted by ambulance to one of these for profit private hospitals,they pay more for delivery,once stung never again,and even then its worth arguing the toss with them. Heard few stories of people getting stung,even violence was reported a year or so ago. would like to see them detain people for not paying,myself id just lie their in locked room,they would have to feed you etc.,but see who gives up first,would not be me for sure
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