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  1. I keep tropical fish,some extremely delicate,they would most certainty die quite quickly if any contaminates. All fit and healthy from water machine,kill the fish far more rapidly than a human
  2. Most would think paying a ton of money would get you the best,certainly not thailand,and this hospital you surely would be paying a ton of money. Baffles me but just 2 hours away from BKK the worlds cheapest and best. looked at hearing aids in BKK,looked again same -same Calcutta Widex eyc all top aids at least a fifth of cost,looked at cataract treatment Ruthin,again same results maybe even more saving,and those Indian hospitals have the very latest of equipment...one punter suggested 100,000 for pet scan at this hospital,I got figure of 8/9 000 for same scan (could have even been 7000 with exchange rate) Mole removal 42500 Thailand,private hospital ,actually 17500 Guy had this done few weeks ago here in Thailand,there 500 baht fact is I got figure down to 175 baht,but probably path lab itself looking for profit. Does not have to be costly living in thailand,bit more adventurous Id say
  3. No they were not the ones,forget the name now,but nothing I could buy from any pharmacy here. Had to go govt,hospital to buy them.
  4. Excepting yourself Sheryl,just where would you find this information,especially here in Thailand?Its all geared up to hide responsibility for bad judgements that occurred in death. No Facebook/Google to eliminate the bad ones,all held in the highest regard
  5. As this thread dies,all I can say is that I suffered probably more than anyone with enlarged prostate,never mind the pills,life was not worth living with the grief it caused. for a few days of unpleasantness I'm now cured,I can piss for Great Britain if Olympic sport Nice semi private room there,regular visits from doctors (all 17 of them) that are in house surgeons,loads of visits from the nurses,only one tho I would have climbed out of bed for whilst there,all went smoothly. Heres an idea ,if going there,go over few days before op,get all your heart,bowel ,stomach ,skin,echo,whatever ,drugs too, test arranged,come to some 100,000 here in Thailand at wrong hospital,over there around 2000baht
  6. Did look at the credentials of the head doc there,the professor at Bumrungrad ,to say the least the internship led to two shorter than short spells in the UK (probably lasted few weeks) on two of the worst hospitals in the UK
  7. Surgeon who did mine (two of them) had audience of at least 25 doctors/surgeons looking on large screen ,as (as they stated) largest one ever operated on,that it was cut back in such a fashion that it will not interfere with me again,but if it does,get it done again
  8. Its pointless keeping on popping pills,it stops nothing,but it keeps on growing. I have had no side effects,none,but admit I do not produce a bucketful of cum,now just nice and calm,not chasing after every piece of skirt that happens my way,can say no,when all I could say previously was yes I chose India,not just because of this but other procedures I have had done there,excellent treatment. heres part price list,nearest point,2 hours away from BKK,region of 25 to 45 000 baht for op 4/5 000 to get there. Facebook the hospitals or Google the docs good luck you wont need it ( Turps Kolcutta (Calcutta) medifee) if you want laser as for price,not much more,use skype I quite like Goa,so had mine done near there just over two years ago now KLES was about 1000$ but had 5 day package as I had huge prostate lot of cutting,or burning State you want ward you will get semi private save some money
  9. Do not understand why you guys just do not go and get the op If prostate is enlarged,best thing I ever did,now after a beer or two can have decent nights sleep,after getting up 5/6 times in the night a couple of years ago. Quite simple and cheap,no need for classy hospitals
  10. Yes there are some of us,not exactly teeny-boppers,but getting on 60 70s even,not there every day,just 10 15 mins is OK . Want to get heart rate up,that's it,no weights ,push ups etc 100 a visit is OK tho.......but where in naklua is gym 2
  11. Cannot see location of Naklua gym, any hints? not traveling miles to reach Siam rd . The Jetts seems OK good location,Little Walk,but 1600 a month
  12. that is more like it,or should be,it is when unnecessary treatment is added to the bill.If the padding was stripped out it would equate to a more reasonable amount,but what has reason got to do with anything this is Thailand The angels must have been looking on this guy that day as he was not delivered to another hellish environment
  13. Reading of charges at for profit private hospitals,and being investigated by health ministry watchdog, The first one read couple of days ago involved a patient treated for a straight case of diarrhea at 30,000 baht. Bit OTT Id say,no mention of which,but guess they can all be tarred with the same brush. Do not know the outcome
  14. George,good to hear from you,glad you are in the US,but hell its out of the frying pan ,into the fire. You never really tried for a fix to your prostate problem,flirted with the idea of india, never got there. You should have done George,for sure 100% it would have been a cure-all....spent a bit of time there in Somerset county,not much there 'cept coal mine and a 'plane crash. As for sharing a bed with a woman George 'specially a US one,there wont be much sharing,she will have you on the floor, the size of 'em Yes ,yes yes drinking and smoking,cut out the booze mostly,no tobacco,bit of shagging now and again,got to say it tho George Yanks are a bit naive generally,especially with the womenfolk here. Mine (been with her for 6 years or so) could get to the hell out of it at a moments notice,not bothered ,her family too. Somewhere to live George, Yes Europe,Spain in particular,but you are going to find it hard there for medical. I'm 73 soon,swim most days,did 2 kilometers in half an hour just couple of years ago,now I'm chugging at just four lengths,age catches up with you George You really should have tried India tho George,hell there's another yank here complains about his left ventricle (heart) at 50,mines 75 and was considering surgery to get it increased. All the best George
  15. There was no guarantee whichever hospital he ended up in would have saved his life,an extended stay in the above mentioned would have been sure to have given him another heart attack Ill say its very expensive...42500 baht quote from them,500 baht elsewhere. Id take my chances actually. So in essence the guy earlier after 4 days of goons sat outside his house,best part of 400,000,nice chat to cardiologist,and a swig or two from medicine bottle,on his way ,happy and content...yes think Id take my chances ,thanks very much This story fits in well with another for profit hospital. friend visits most famous one ,told to stay right there,after the inevitable op given a bill of 1 million and a quarter baht. He knows he was taken,made a mug of,does not say much now,too damned painful by a half
  16. Yes, all bases covered,all want their noses in the trough
  17. A private ,for profit hospital I should think.Some good govt. hospitals close by too ,wonder why a for profit hospital would be first choice?
  18. 'very old,'very sick'....too ill to fly then, probably never will. Pack him off to one of the care homes there in Chiang Mai ,reasonable enough with cost,maybe his govt. will pick up some of the cost, the clock will stop ticking as soon as he is out of hospital,sort out plan from there
  19. Cannot get blood out of a stone. If he is private ,the hospital will ramp up that bill unmercifully,get him out of ICU into govt.hospital section. Negotiate price with govt.hospital,they cannot do anything,except expel him eventually
  20. Lost/stolen PPs does happen,but the damned expense , I know. Embassy,get temp (yellow) or full,within 14 days expiry go to immigration or yet another 1900 baht thank you headache stuff but you will survive
  21. Few years since there,but was going downhill then You Aussies,just need a bit of spare land in the outback,couple of shipping containers bolted together,large skip for swimming pool,hey presto ! paradise
  22. You guys writing here regarding all the pill popping,and yes stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thailand ain't the place to be looking for any surgical intervention with/without insurance,but if needs must?. Was a poster looking at Malaysia for medical treatment,but failed to put up web page for information,myself its India. Yes suffered more than anyone here,took the pills,waste of time,so surgery it was,either Turps hot wire/cold steel or greenlight laser. Hardly makes a difference if lot of cutting to be had,will always bleed a'plenty,turps bit cheaper. Bigger the prostate ,more the sex drive,has saved a fortune since op. Urolift method a waste of time for most,prostate too heavy to be considered Id bite the bullet and just on with surgery,...but whatever it is not going to cost a lot to see a consultant in either country to positively identify the problem
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