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  1. Forget about climate change if it's too subtle for you. Concentrate on the attrition of the natural environment - habitat loss, species loss - and throw in quality of life loss, because nature is the touchstone of all meaning. The on-going catastrophe of that is self-evident, and it's man-made. Is that not enough for you to justify more prudent and less self-indulgent political/economic policies, which is all that is being asked?
  2. If it's not a new theory, then I apologise to myself - I always try to be original. Well, congratulations on policing the thread and quashing academic debate.
  3. My agenda is a better understanding of the world for the sake of world peace. What's yours?
  4. Excuse me, but objective analysis is not demonization. I analyse every culture, including my own, and I don't recognise critical immunity for anyone - especially for those who try to shout it down. I raised a serious question whether Israeli kids' world-view might be influenced by a kind of holocaust-complex. If anyone is outraged by academic discussion of that question, then does that not go some way to prove the point?
  5. You couldn't be bothered to look it up? https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/europe-bird-population-countryside-reduced-pesticides-france-wildlife-cnrs-a8267246.html https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-47698294 https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/wildflower-meadows-farms-agriculture-flowers-environment-brexit-butterflies-bees-defra-a8433541.html If you're not a naturalist you won't see it. In fact, if you're not a naturalist, you are part of the problem. The rich are not the problem because there's relatively few of them. The problem is the masses who are addicted to 'more' and don't give a stuff about the consequences. The debauch is over. Everyone has to wind it down.
  6. That was answered near the beginning. Basically birds, bees and flowers - everyone's birthright but which now no one can take for granted because the world has been bolloxed up by unbridled economic growth. And the solution, for those who missed it, is to bridle economic growth by voluntarily limiting consumption.
  7. So they've completely gotten over the holocaust in Israel? It's never mentioned on TV? Don't they have a Holocaust Remembrance Day public holiday?
  8. It's ironic because of all the trouble Israelis went to to create their own state. And, by the way, it's rather naive to assume the world has moved on so much as you think. There's ample evidence of Nazism in today's Germany.
  9. Kindly do not twist my words. It was not a statement but a hypothesis. I made that very clear. It's psychology. I am open to correction but it seems to me that the holocaust still looms large in Jewish society, and if that is the incessant backdrop to growing up, of course it will affect kids' way of thinking about the world.
  10. Or maybe it's just a question of westerners being 'not one of us'? I would like to know what all those graffiti symbols mean. Some are presumably Christian crosses, so the target is not just Nazis.
  11. I won't comment on the irony of that, but I was thinking of 10-13 year olds who are surely growing up conditioned to have a sense of grievance.
  12. Is it possible that Israeli kids are becoming conditioned (and perhaps traumatised) by the unceasing holocaust narrative and are growing up fearful that all westerners are potential Nazis?
  13. I don't get it. They're calling commonwealth soldiers nazis? Some weird symbols on those graves - anyone know what they mean? Prank by Jewish kids?
  14. When I saw the BBC article I honestly thought it was a white dude in a balaclava. I've had enough of the BBC's meekist agenda. Their entire news editorial department needs to be purged from from the top down.
  15. The Turks don't want genocide, they want everyone to live peaceably in Turkey. If the Kurds stopped revolting within Turkey there would be no problem. It's too late for them to have their own state (or would you like to suggest where the borders should be?). If the Kurds are choosing to live in eternal conflict for the sake of their pride - then the result is what we are seeing today and it will go on forever. And for everyone who keeps saying the Kurds are the US's allies - they were allies in the war against ISIS, not against Turkey, which don't forget is a member of NATO.
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