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  1. This seems the most important aspect. I started my OA application before the travel ban and the date I had in mind is now after the ban came into force. The one year appears to start from the date of 400kB in / 40kB out insurance. (Don't bother trying anyone other than LMG, smile and pay - this is Thailand after all). I will be losing two or three months at least Anecdotally at least it isn't a problem getting into the country. Unfortunately my medical conditions require a more robust policy than the one on offer by LMG. My regular UK company will quote but won't cover until the ban is li
  2. Thanks for the input. I feared this might be the case. Unenforced travel ban notwithstanding I essentially lose the time between the date the insurance policy starts and when I enter. I can't travel without specialist medical insurance so does anyone know a broker or company who deals with that please? It sounds unlikely I can change the policy start date now. It's quite a game and does nothing to encourage us in to spend our hard earned cash despite TAT's handwringing.
  3. Thanks. So if I enter the country for example one month before expiry do I still get a year to stay? (I think the 90 days was a condition of the old Non-Imm O visa). As soon as I get the chance I will go directly from HRW btw.
  4. Well here I am again, hasn't life become complicated? I am now the proud owner of a beautiful OA visa dated 18th February, 40,000B / 4,000B policy noted in visa as starting 14th March. How long can I leave this before entering Thailand? How long once I arrive do I get before it expires? I have some serious medical conditions requiring specialist insurance way beyond the scope of the worthless policy necessary for the visa. Given the UK's supposed travel ban my brokers won't cover me. Is there an insurance broker or company in Thail
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