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  1. Please, does someone knows how old should be a dog before this surgery is done ? poor little beasts, sad to have to do that to them.
  2. hello, do you know if 3bb at 250thb/month is still available and how much it will cost for 1 year with tax ? they still propose it on their form, and before I ask them and get a stupid reply from any staff, I would like to be sure that someone got it lately and was able to pay for 1 year upfront ? thank you so much
  3. hello, do you know how much it costs at Pattaya now ? thanks
  4. Hello, Do you think that it is possible for anyone to do a DNA test on a baby to test paternity, or the mother only can do it ? If not possible what could be a way to do it and avoid that the mother knows the result ? If you want to know the results, but do not want that she knows ? (for example if you are not the dad but still want to take care of the baby, or if you are the dad but want to take care of the baby on a volunteer basis, without obligation...) Any ideas ? Thanks you to all.
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