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  1. What do you call visiting a girlfriend then if it isn’t tourist? He isn’t working in Thailand in any way. What would you classify what he is doing if he isn’t visiting as a tourist? He’s not living here, he’s visiting his gf for a few months a year. Baffling to me what the Thai immigration policy has turned into. Comparing it to Western European immigration policies is also baffling. 1st world and 3rd world do not have the same policies!!!
  2. There is no way the OP is making that story up. He comes across as articulate and honest. His story sucks and reinforces my view that Thailand is increasingly becoming a basket case that will have a huge crash particularly in terms of condo prices and GDP similar to 1997. (And no not because of immigration policies but due to a completely inept government and a lazy uneducated unproductive workforce)
  3. I don’t believe you will be able to get a work permit without a degree regardless of years of experience. Conversely it will be very easy to get a job even in central BKK. There is a constant shortage of teachers in the unqualified space especially now there is a clamp down on tourist visa / education visa use. You will earn less than 60k thb a month though. The good international schools here require qualified teachers with specific teaching diplomas from the west. In my first school in BKK which was a good girls private school most of the teachers didn’t have degrees and therefore no work permits. However they were studying degrees in Thailand (worthless paper outside of the country imo) to get round the visa requirements. As per someone else said I would think carefully about leaving Japan. Teaching in Thai schools can be very frustrating on many levels (Management, children and even parents...) and your visa situation here could be difficult. good luck
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