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  1. Who's that reckless guy who comes on vacation and then gets locked up in a hotel for two weeks, at his own expense for food, accommodation and medical tests? I don't think tourists are philanthropists. Thailand should forget tourism for this year, and maybe next year.
  2. I agree. Even homosexuals have to suffer the legal penalties of divorce.
  3. The truth is that each country does as it pleases, all adopt different criteria of testing and statistics and everything is fueled by terrorist media propaganda. The options are two: 1. The pandemic is a psy-ops 2. Thailand is a big weasel We wait further years to find out the truth behind this economic collapse and these save-face of some nations. The important thing is not to forget anything. we will remember all the proclamations made by doctors, the WHO, governments and pseudo-philanthropists.
  4. What's to wonder? Arrogance, ineptitude, obedience, hypocrisy, careerism, racism are just some of the characteristics necessary to obtain certain social positions in Thailand, not only in the government. <deleted>ty people like Anutin, you can find them everywhere in the Kingdom.
  5. THEY can! THEY are the dominators. They perfectly know all this situation is a big sadistic joke. Only the dominated must wear a mask, the symbol of silence. A question: Why should a health minister participate in meetings with foreign representatives or engage for thai citizens in U.K.?
  6. I believe that these requirements will remain for ever, unfortunately there is no turning back from this impoverishment of freedom.
  7. Okay, just another "doctor" paid by Big Pharma, W.H.O. and Bill the Psychopath.
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