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  1. I know several Thai who are in possession of weapons, among them there are even two university professors who not only proudly show their guns but also collections of knives on Facebook publicly.
  2. This post should be write on every Thai school door to educate future Thais.
  3. One thing is private debt, another thing is public debt (a mental pit organized by neoliberal)
  4. All the Thais I met in these months are living with the credit cards, consumerism illness and spend all the amount they gain in a month. Buy gold, sell gold. Hope for lottery. Borrow money for get married. Savings depends one one's salary relatively, some people has 10.000 baht /m and can save 3.000baht /m, some people has 50.000 baht /m and all of this is put on the shopping malls. So, it's a question of mentality and consumerism illness
  5. Now I know where tenth millions properties in BKK are coming from...drug smuggling
  6. Recently satellites have discovered a lot of things, who knows why everyone is pointing to China. What's strange about a politically and monetarily sovereign country in building its own weapons? The US don't do the same?
  7. Okay, Mr.PM, as the spokesperson for the elites of Bangkok, forget to say... "We must invest heavily in Defence, to buy modern weapons and vehicles that will help us (1% population) to protect ourselves from the anger of the people." Are Thai people happy to be the main target of these weapons, while the elité sees ghosts everywhere?
  8. Someone has a Visa application Form for Laos for Savannakhet custom? I found nothing on the web, and I would like to quickly pass custom to have a nice tea on the banks of the Mekong, while others queue at the Thai Consulate. I only found the form for Vientiane custom, but it's blurry, looks badly scanned. Thanks for answers. Is this Form still in use? Is correct?
  9. Next week I will go to Savannakhet to make a new NON O Visa. Two months ago, when I extended my visa for two months at Chaeng Wattana, I was also issued a sheet to notify every 90 days the residence. Now making a new visa, do I still have to notify the address by the printed date 20 November? Thanks for answers.
  10. E.U. members has democracy? It's a financial dictatorship where nobody has sovereignty.
  11. For personal reasons that have heavily involved my family, I no longer look at the Thais with the same eyes, and definitely don't trust them anymore. When someone asks me if I love Thais, generally I answer, "I like Chinese people". The country has positive and negative aspects, like all the nations of the world.
  12. I get married some days ago, and I decide to go to Savannakhet next Monday to apply for a Non-O Visa. I saw many websites, including that embassy and consulates in Vientiane and Savannakhet http://www.thaisavannakhet.com/savannakhet/th/consulate/contact/ No English) but I get confused about the paperwork to present. So I would like to read some experience from expat here. Thailand's paperwork culture are frustrating me. The wife should come with me to Laos? She work hard and I don't want to let here ask for 2 days. In the website of Consular Section of the Thai embassy in Vientiane for example ask for this documents: NON-IMMIGRANT “O” VISA Non-Immigrant “O” Visa may be granted to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom for various purposes mainly: 1. To stay with the Thai family 2. To accompany spouse or family members working, studying or living in Thailand 3. To participate in voluntary services in Thailand 4. To have a long-stay retirement REQUIRED DOCUMENTS 1. A completed and signed Visa Application Form 2. 2 passport-sized photos taken within 6 months 3. A passport or travel documents (valid for no less than 6 months) 4. Additional requirements for specific purposes 4.1 To stay with the Thai family • An original marriage certificate (for spouse) or birth certificate (for parents), a passport, and an Identity Card of the Thai spouse (copies of documents must be signed by the Thai spouse) • An original letter from the applicant’s Thai spouse • A bank statement (for Multiple-Entry visa, an applicant should show at least 6 months of bank statement with at least 100,000 baht or that equivalent in other currencies)
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