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  1. To specify: Minburi district amphur didn't ask us "The application for legalization" the document for which we had been rejected in Bangrak. Insight: if you arrived in Bangrak and the officer reject you, quickly take a taxi and go to Minburi service center.
  2. In these days try to contrast LGBT lobbies and you're dead. Transhumanierism in action, and the white straight men are to public enemy number one.
  3. I live in Bangkapi district. My Embassy suggested me to go to Bangrak for get married. My lady also, would like to go there, because of the name of the district. The result was: we lost two day. The first day we woke up at 5am, take a taxi and go to amphur bangrak, during the verification of documents it resulted that miss one: "The application for legalization" (Chaeng Wattana legalisation office didn't gave us). So with take I taxi and go to CW to take this form. Arrived the, the officer in the the legalization office said normally amphur don't need this document, and it was safely stored there between hundred thousands of other documents. We take it and plan to run to Bangrak again the day after. The second day we got up at 4 o'clock, go there and found 3 couple Farang-Thai waiting the open time. After twenty minutes a officer "maybe" decided that only 3 couple could get married. (the day before we get noticed that 3 couple already book the date, 8 couple /day, so the officer suggest us to get there as early as possible) (3 booked + 3 in queue, WHO get the TWO empty positions?), the result was we are rejected. I get angry 'till one officer there, after 10 minutes listening us arguing, said that is possibile to go to Minburi. So, we get a taxi directed to Minburi district (near Bangkapi where we live in). Arrived at Minburi amphur we found the paradise. No queue, no farangs, 8.30 open to 11.30 I saw no more than 5-6 Thai couple done some quick operations. So I can say: Minburi wins over Bangrak. 10vs.0. The document is Kor.2, the employees and the Chief Commissioner are ALL relaxed, We take one witness (my lady's dad) and an interpreter (my lady's colleague). At the end, I gave a 300 baht tip to the employee (I'm european, give tip is not customs, but I would give it because that Woman really do well her job, with a great mood). My suggestions for who wants to get married is: contact first the amphur near to you, before wake up early and run to Bangrak only because the positive meaning of the name.
  4. The question anybody of us should ask is: Why in the majority of countries this business is managed by blacks? No matter where you go you will always find this shit sold by black people. We should learn more about Nigerian mafia, and their Mamas-gerarchy.
  5. After done all the procedure in Laos, there will be any problems to re-enter in Thailand? I already done the first run after (3 months + extension), I went to Cambodia, and had got some problems and be blocked at the border by immigration officer who needs 20k baht and flight back ticket.
  6. Is this miracle service available in BKK too? Every time go to CW is a waste of a day
  7. I'm just get married and obtained the marriage certificate on a METV that will expire in mid June. Before this, I need to get a Non-O-Immigrant Visa based on marriage. It will be my first experience, so I hope all the process will be the easiest as possible. I have read some posts published here talking about Savannakhet. There are other destinations? For example anyone have experience with the Embassy in Vientiane? Thank you for ALL the reply
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