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  1. The more time passes the more tragicomic the situation is, let's laugh so as not to cry. They are sent to death sentence silly guys who carry drugs for the Big Business of the State and at the same time organizes the World Ganja Festival.
  2. The reason is not only a strong baht, but also the monetary austerity in the great majority of the Nations in Europe. Thanks to "EURRS" financial dictatorship, We love you.
  3. In fact, I believe that over the past few years, many educated people are totally disconnected from the reality, don't see the real problems. The poorer classes are generally more critical. Throughout human history, there has never been such a stupid intelligentsia. In Thailand, in particular, it is enough to observe the great majority of university professors without critical thinking, seems like ignorant functional employees.
  4. The last time I heard "don't worry", "don't think to much" I found out that my wife had an affair with a colleague
  5. It would be curious to know when the young man has changed his name
  6. Gardening is a form of art and taking care of own kid is the most emotional thing.
  7. Thanks to all the intelligent users of this forum who answered sincerely and without sarcasm to a legitimate curiosity of mine. I appreciated so many answers, it was interesting to read your experiences guys. Unfortunately, not as interesting were the answers of many idiots, who do not know why they should waste their precious time writing their silly comments. The question was asked with the utmost courtesy and no ironic intention, so only equally serious answers were requested. I am not surprised that idiots also exist here, because this place too is a mirror of the percentage of idiocy found in real life. It also seems to me that in this forum you don't give Truepoints for every message you leave, so I really don't understand why you're wasting your time.
  8. What would happen to Thailand if tomorrow, suddenly, all expatriates, migrant workers and all western tourists left the Kingdom? How about we do a little prank and for a year, at least, breathe some different air? My post is intended to be ironic, so far the idiots and fools (but not so much, after this morning I saw an honest and tireless Laotian worker being insulted by a Thai)
  9. The point that I don't understand is: why Immigration Bureau officials speak about Face Recognition and not the ordinary police? This snooping, surveillance, control technology will be implemented only for foreigners? ,
  10. Be careful, I would not like you to mislead my question, given that it is not my goal to judge or criticize, that everyone is free to choose what to do in their lives. I would like to put this question to pensioners (mainly from Western countries) because we decided to spend the last part of their lives in Thailand. The Kingdom, as we can see every day, is an authoritarian layer and the control over foreigners is very high, not to mention the various TMs, the currency is no longer as convenient as it once was, and the environment is saturating. Why have you never considered quieter, more civilised and relaxing destinations to spend your retirement? Excellent food, pleasant weather, culturally similar, for example Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica. I hope to receive some answers, friendly as the questions, thanks to all.
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