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  1. I see a lot of people opposing Western women with Thai women. It is good to clarify what you mean by Western women, otherwise some people might think that English, Italian, German, Russian and American ecc. women are the same, which is extremely false. 
    From my personal and modest point of view, Thai people, both women and men, get angry when others are wrong, but they tend to justify themselves when they are wrong, they don't take responsibility and continue as if nothing is wrong, you ask questions and they remain silent until and again in the morning. 

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  2. 16 hours ago, Nsp64 said:

    North Korea is a strange place. . . Big posters e everywhere depicting their leader who they cant speak about, nationalist music played twice a day, poor people with no support from the elite, indoctrinated masses who think they are the chosen ones, hatred of foreigners. . . I'd hate to live in a country like that.


    This is Thailand perfect description!

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  3. Abuse of alcohol: one of the plagues of Thai society.



    61 year old Thai woman with a 41 year old husband seems a little odd to me, he must have been an serious alcoholic prior to the wedding

    What a chauvinist comment. There's no irritation when a 60-year-old man picks up a young 30-year-old woman, is there?

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