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  1. 21 minutes ago, ExpatPH said:

    Export down.

    Real tourist arrival numbers down.

    Both, most likely to decline further.


    No sale of reserve gold / reserve baht.

    Continued high / huge spending in public sector, and infrastructure.



    Export down.

    --Normal in a world based on globalization, movimentation of capital, speculation and wild competition.


    Real tourist arrival numbers down.

    --Normal in a Police State


    Continued high / huge spending in public sector, and infrastructure.

    --J.M.Keynes is turning in his grave after this affirmation

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  2. deficit...gov has borrowed....When people will understand that a Nation with Sovereignty controls his Monetary System and the Treasure mustn't be independent. (because that's mean it is private). Kick the Rotschild out!

  3. People, alla over the world, should start to study Monetary System as soon as possible. 15th August 1971 was abolished Gold Standard, and Bretton Woods regulations stopped. Money become fiat, so literally created from nothing! 

    All the banknotes in your wallet is created just from nothing, or with a click in a computer keyboard. The money debt is created by the commercial banks and financial criminal system to control people and extort interest through seignorage.


    So it is literally impossible to claim that there is no money, it would be like saying that there is no fabric to create clothes or meters to build roads.
    The creation of money is a political will in a sovereign state, unless Thailand is a sovereign state. To whom does the Central Bank of Thailand belong? Rothschild?



    I find this phenomenon of appealing to the heart, to the soul of ordinary people to find money annoying, when these can be created from a PC keyboard.


    Search for "The Utopian Country" book of Prof. Giacinto Auriti.


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  4. Why a Country like this should be part of O.N.U., why Foreign Countries agree millions of their citizens every year come in Thailand to spend their own money? What is the treatment of Thais in foreign countries? 

    Recently, in Milan, Italy, a group of Thais was caught selling drugs outside disco and pubs, they spend only 1 months in a prison with TV, computer, swimming pool, soccer, library. 

  5. 4 hours ago, LongTang said:


    This kind of rotten radical left thinking brought a lot of misery to poor eastern European women who were working to feed themselves and their families in rich western European countries (excluding Germany and the Netherlands that should be praised for that).


    Its a TWO way street, Supply AND Demand, go learn history and see what happened in the US when they tried to ignore this formula, Everything went underground and the organized crime flourished.


    If you really want to tackle this problem, then you have to deal with the elites to increase the wealth distribution , But since this is out of our reach, then we better keep our western ideals to ourselves before we just do more damage to the poor people here.



    Talking about wealth distribution.. this is from this week.



    Don't forget that old people here get around 500-800 bath a month from the government, Only a brick head will not understand the implications of such poverty on family members..




    1. I am the last person to say radical leftist, because founder of Julius Evola Foundation in Rome. 

    2. Are poor family's girls work as waitress stupid?

    3. If I bought with sacrifice a condo, WHY should I have hookers and perverts 24/7 under my door?

    4. You don't know the social problems created by eastern women works in European countries.   

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  6. Since I receive payments for translation services from Chinese customers through Alipay, I would like to know if there is a way to transfer the deposit to the Thai bank account, possibly with the lowest service costs and at current market rate. Should be a service similar to Transferwise (which currently does not support Chinese Yuan to Baht transfer) or a reliable money exchange with current market rate.


    Thanks for reply.

  7. 15 hours ago, JamJar said:

    Confused as to what Immigration has to do with the Thai ladyboys. Why not the local police?

    It's called mania of grandeur.


    15 hours ago, webfact said:

    The Thai media said that the chief asked for the help of the public in reporting inappropriate behavior of foreigners to his teams. 

    how to deal with the problem if the complaint is false? If I insult a Thai who wants to try with my wife I should let him do it because otherwise he calls the Angels of Death? Such orwellian Country is it!





    A call for all farang who live in Thailand: we leave the country for a year. No farang in Thailand for a year. Curious to see the effect on the domestic economy.

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