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  1. Hi everyone, Just signed up a few minutes ago. I retired and moved to Thailand 10 months ago. The manager in Canada who looks after the investments for my pension has sent me some forms that ask me to sign a Declaration of Tax Residence, which I guess would now be Thailand. My pension comes from Canada and I do not work here in Thailand. The last time I looked, if my income comes from Canada then I pay my taxes there and not here because Canada and Thailand apparently have a treaty to prevent double-taxation. However, the fact they sent me the form described above makes me think otherwise. Long story short: are foreign pensioners living permanently in Thailand required to pay tax in Thailand on their pension income? Also, does anyone know of a Thai website where I can read this information for myself? I live in Bueng Kan province and haven't had any luck looking online for an accountant in the area. Many thanks in advance for any assistance, Ken
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