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  1. I went to Chaeng Watthana Immigration Div 1 office to renew my one-year retirement visa on Monday this week, After I obtained my one-year extension for the nth time I asked the Immigration Officer in Section C1 of the same office for information covering extension of more than one year, say 5 years. They provided me with a copy of their latest printed information on their new long-stay visas (only for citizens of selected countries), which says that for visa extensions of 5 years or more, health insurance coverage is now mandatory. Since I am past 70 years young, they said it is far easier for me to just apply for a one-year extension every year because I will not be able to get new health insurance coverage policy issue to me in Thailand being older than 70 years. I am not really worried about not having health insurance coverage since I have been self-insured for years after retirement and I have more than enough funds for this purpose. Therefore, will the Nation reporter(s) who wrote this article re-check their source of information and issue an update to this articel if needed, because the new health insurance coverage issue only applies to new visa or visa extensions that are longer than one year. Try not to provide information that is confusing and not quite accurate. Thank you.
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