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  1. Oh really... So women aren't allowed to post in the General section? Is this forum segregated by gender? Sorry to say but I think that's a trifle sexist, dear.
  2. Try as I may I cannot stop myself having a glass of wine in the evening. It's a habit for sure. I'm really trying to stay positive but as my husband is away until the end of May it gets a little hard to do, especially at night. Thanks for your input!
  3. Hi Jimmy, To be honest with you I'm OK with it. Of course I've heard all the crazy stories about Pattaya and what goes on over there etc but as I am just along for the ride I don't like to interfere too much with his life outside of work. I'm pretty sure he isn't up to anything seedy though (well, I sure hope not!)
  4. Hi Alex, thank you for the reply! I have started learning basic Thai online using some really helpful videos I found on Youtube. I also have a basic phrase book that I brought with me from home so I'm definitely giving it a shot! I'm avid reader, always have been Keeping active certainly helps keep the mind positive but golfing in the Thai heat drains my batteries within minutes! I still enjoy it though.
  5. Hi! Yes, I usually play Tennis on Tuesdays and Golf on Thursdays. But as of yet haven't found any friends to tag along, my coach is my sports buddy! I think I'm a pretty outgoing person and have plenty to talk about but the local women don't seem at all interested. From what I have seen so far Thai women can be rather cold and distant. I hope you are well and thanks for replying!
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Dory, I moved to Thailand (Rayong) from the UK with my husband who works in the Oil & Gas industry 18 months ago. Thing's were fine at first but these last couple of months have been hard. I'm struggling to find something to fill my days when my husband is at work. He works offshore for weeks at a time and when he comes back home he spends his first week in Pattaya with his oil buddies. What do expat women do here in Thailand to pass the time? I must add I have only 1 female friend in Rayong, she is also from the UK and her husband works offshore but I don't see her that often. Most days I just sit around drinking and watching TV.. To be honest it's not quite the great life I had imagined. Hoping I can find some warm welcome here on this forum :)
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