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  1. Hi all, I'm posting here because I booked my trip to Thailand before fully vetting the Thai tourist visa process and now I'm a bit concerned as to what to do/what will happen with Thai immigration. I plan on staying the Bangkok area pretty much the entire time, with a short trip north to see some friends in Chiang Mai. I booked my tickets for 65 days, not realizing the 60 day limit for tourist visas. For some reason I thought you could apply for a tourist visa while in Thailand, and add that to the 30 exempt stamp you get when you enter the country. It seems that's not exactly how it works. I know that I can get a 30 day visa extension while there, but will the initial 65 day ticket cause issues with Thai immigration? I wouldn't want to be refused boarding. And, I don't want to have to fork out extra money to change my tickets/entire travel plans if I don't have to. Any help that you all could give would be appreciated.
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