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  1. I dont have a lawyer. Is it possible to hire one regarding wp issues in Bangkok? How much would it cost?
  2. It was quite a long interview, I had to implement a small project and we had 2 technical interviews, it was all good all the time, they also seemed quite happy that I managed to shorten my notice period and start in July. I was supposed to be a senior developer there, Im not sure what could have went wrong. I didnt talk with the manager, only with: - one dev - one team lead - one hr girl - one hr manager about the offer - one lawyer who told me about the visa problem at the end They seem to be a startup, but already have 400 people, seems quite legit actually, looking at their linkedin.
  3. God dammit, thats a big surprise for me, thank you very much for the answers. Hm, they basically told me they consulted with their lawyers after receiving my documents, and they said there is a very high chance it will be rejected because of no diploma, and hence they dont want to even try. I tried to give them my high school diploma and job references as well, but they say its impossible anyway. So it might just be an excuse for them not to hire me?
  4. Hi! I found a company in Bangkok, they told me I dont need a degree to get the work permit, I signed their offer, resigned from my job... and then they told me that the degree is apparently required and they withdraw from the offer, eh :d I plan to spend 2 - 3 months in Bangkok now to look for a nice project back in Europe, but: I work in IT, I have 5 years of documented experience, I also have a document that I studied at a university for 3 years, just without getting a bachelor degree. I also have work experience in two different countries. Does that still disqualifies me to get the work permit? Do I really have to enroll to a university and spend 3.5 years getting a bachelor before I can start legally working in Thailand? Thanks a lot for any answers, and welcome - its my first post here! :-)
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