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  1. Thank you Kuma. it was impossible to find a house for rent in the area, so for the moment we rented two row rooms near the post office. Let me know if you fancy a coffee and a chat, in Tha Mai or in Chanthaburi. This is my facebook contact https://web.facebook.com/pagani.thailand
  2. Yes, we arrived in Tha Mai about three weeks ago. A big change for us after so many years in the north, but we are happy. Chanthaburi is an area that we have always liked.
  3. Good morning. After living in Nan province for the past 11 years (and in Thailand for 20 years), next month we will move to Tha Mai. We are looking for a place to rent for about 4-5 months, and in the meantime we are looking for land to buy. Since we have two children who will go to the local school, we would like to stay in the center or near the center of Tha Mai town (maximum 4-5 kilometers away). Thank you in advance if anyone had advice and suggestions
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