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  1. People just don't get it. It's a case of asking the same question until the peasantry give the right answer.
  2. May was meant to be a racing certainty and look what happened. Although, Boris can put both feet in it, he will get a certain amount of leeway because he's Boris. Short of a total tactless disaster, i think the Tories should get a majority. Meanwhile, goody two shoes, Jo Swinson wants a 5 billion flood fund. UK inflation has fallen and growth is below 2% yet another day another giveaway. Does anyone believe this stuff?
  3. Bickering on an internet site. I have been to Dachau, Austchwitz and the River Kwai. We visited Austchwitz on a trip to Krakow. Standing on the railway line where people arrived. The fit lived, the others went to the chambers. Photos lined the walls. Jews, gypsies, homosexuals. No birds sang walking round on the camp tour. The Jews have been disliked in many countries. There is an undercurrent, muttered under the breath.
  4. I don't need to try harder, i am pointing out that nationalism/independence whether via a well meaning labour party or the SNP leads to this total waste of money. Do you want me to start documenting the mismanagement of the SNP today not 1997?
  5. https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/construction-industry-experts-delivered-a-damning-verdict-on-the-scottish-parliament-building-five-years-after-the-official-opening-1-1230164 May have been Scottish labour behind it but did the SNP not want their own parliament? You think they would have done any better with their history of financial management? £40 million cost became £400 million for an unnecessary talking shop for jocks. Sturgeon hasn't been to vocal in her support for her former boss, has she? The forgotten man, so sad.
  6. Grieve is a menace. Letwin is genuinely well meaning and i bare him no ill will. I loathe the SNP. Something for nothing facists. There only contribution is bitterness. Meanwhile, the Scottish economy and services are mismanaged. The Scottish parliament was a huge overspend and the last i heard the new internal rail link in Edinburgh was heading the same way. Looks like their former leader maybe about to get his cuppance. Professional stirrers, agitators and promise everything deliver nothing and then blame everybody else.
  7. Says the man living in Thailand. Its not fiddled, its called people making decisions that forward their ideals. The best thing, in my opinion, is for the Tories to get a working majority. End of. This country needs to start being governed and the liberal elite chattering class put back in their box. Social and economic decisions need to be made. The time for luvey naval gazing is over.
  8. Oddschecker will give you the full election book. Some of the press are not so sure how much it will benefit the Tories in the contested seats. However, Farage thinks he will pull in Labour voters that would never vote Tory. I think he has a point and many voters may just abandon the Brexit party and vote Tory. The Lib Dems could have come through in a lot of the seats that are not now being contested. For someone with Farage's ego it is a huge climbdown. No doubt arranged on the fringes. Farage could end up being king maker and even if some of the more literate Brexit party candidates got in, it wouldn't be that bad a thing. Their free market economic policies will be the same as the Tories. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is banging on about interference in the UK elections. She went out of her way to make the points, so no doubt someone has asked her to stir it up. The bookies are rarely wrong. For those that cannot get the BBC'S election coverage in Thailand. Radio 4 will be covering the election through the night. Prof John Sirtrees poll at 10pm has been very accurate in the past.
  9. Piers Morgan is highly effective. The lady was very good too. What a bunch. Lucky he didn't get hold of Diane 'I sent my son to private school but now i'm going to ban them' Abbott. How people don't see threw these typical say one thing do another hypocritical so called socialists is beyond me. Oddsmaker have the Tories now at 1/14 on to win the most seats and 4/7 on to get a majority. The marginals are complex and hopefully the Brexit party can take enough votes from Labour voters to let the Tory win. Sterling spiked nearly 1% yesterday when Farage said he was stepping aside in 317 seats yesterday.
  10. Bookmark that thought. I voted remain, but at the end of this divorce i would never bet against a country who survived and won two world wars, no thanks to your neutral German loving one. I believe global biotech investment into the UK is at multi year highs. At stages in history like this, it always pays to keep an eye on what's going on in the background. The investors of global capital are rarely wrong.
  11. Rebel without a cause. My dear Fenian friend, the free state will be next in line if Brexit is a success. The ROI has milked the EU for every dime possible, to upgrade their infrastructure. It has dragged them out of the gutter and no wonder their grateful. Following the last property boom and bust, i believe Dublin is heating up nicely again. Looks like your light on his loafers leader got on famously with Boris though.
  12. No one has a clue how the UK election will turn out. Yes, the Tories will get the most seats but more independents than ever will get into Parliament. Unfortunately, most pundits expect a hung parliament. In other words, back to log jam. Sometimes a little democracy is a bad thing. That's why Thatcher's revolution got done, she had the majorities to do it. Dress it up anyway you want, Parliament will try and stop the will of the people. That will open up a can of worms that could include race crime and a total disregard for law and order. This thread is not about Brexit but Thatcherism. You have written eloquently about how lucky you where to end up in the financially secure state you are today. You seem to miss one of the most important points of Thatcherism. The ability to pass assets and property to the next generation. That's how the ladder works. Whether it be renationalising utilities or increasing wealth taxes, the Labour government will set out to destroy what Thatcher/Blair/Brown created. Why you don't understand the hypocrisy in your posts is quite beyond me. You want to pull the ladder up on the millions behind you.
  13. Looks like you benefited from a free market housing market, free market global stock and bond markets and whatever other free market you maximized your personal wealth from the sale of assets in. Wasn't a council house you bought originally was it? I bear you no ill will, but you have made the case better than i could ever do. Its always easier to lecture about making the world a better place after you have used the ghastly Thatcherite capitalist system to make a shed load. I hope your post does not go unnoticed on this thread and forum. Good luck to you and your good wife. As Don King said "You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate." Well done.
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