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  1. I would also be nice to have some clean air to breath. But hey, TIT?
  2. This should be made into a movie like Thai cave rescue! I even have the title,... Swooped! A thai police drama with the backstory. The dramatic climax being when they swoop in and apprehend the dangerous UK national, foreign criminal, wasting money in Thailand, who fell in love with a lady-boy, from the perspective of the local garbage truck driver's wife, who sells noodles on the corner while her 30 year old son plays games on the phone all day and sleeps on the floor next to the bed. It'll be a hit!
  3. Who are the defending them from? They got another military deal with China so it must be those evil Russians who are trying to take over the world!
  4. They must be looking forward to getting back to their boyfriends at prison after a week away.
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