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  1. This is an old story now repeating again in the forum. Must face trial and clear himself. Just recently Navy guy got away with his war crimes in Iraq under misconduct as he was tried in USA. Same like Simpson got away due to famous gloves cant fit his hands and political reasons. So were they better courts, maybe or maybe not.
  2. I beleive class teacher thought that she should deduct VAT Sorry just a joke
  3. These things reflects society and to make quick money by available means it so common regardless of the source. This happens when wealth is not distributed properly.
  4. Culturally Thai wash their buns as even in 5 star Thai hotel chains, you will find it. I think it should be provided at every place where they are catering to general public. If someone dont use it fine water saved or a tree saved for buns wiping population.
  5. They are busy in election campaign daily flow chart of which side they should start making loyality as insurance policy Sorry just a joke
  6. True Sir and if some sensible people keep on reminding immigration that nothing similar happens anywhere in the civilized or democratic countries then they may reconsider reporting night(s) out of province or at private property.
  7. Yes exactly what I stated but my last 2 para is for the foreign correspondent club member if they asked immigratio on this.
  8. Thai massage (happy) are in in EU also so whats the big deal about SA.
  9. Must abide by the rule of the land. If dont like it then leave. I will also expect foreign residents of my country or everyones country to abide by the rules. The TM30 rule is ok to have a confirmed and verified permanent address. However, it is not convenient at all if a person stays out of province even for a single night at private property. This gives impression that it is all about ABNB. In all civilized or uncivilized (one can determine themselves) countries, foreign resident only register a permenent verified address only and are free to move in the whole of the country regardless of staying at a private or commercial property. Did the petitioner or the members of foreign correspondent club mentioned this to the authorities during this famous meeting?
  10. Seems bored are people who have been presenting fake repatriation of income / pension documents.
  11. Many seem to be jealous of this. Thai govt need tourist and not farang bagpackers who hardly take a shower once a day and sip a beer bottle for 2-3 hours on nonsense discussions Many seem to be too old or mentally in a superiority complex to realize the global changes.
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