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  1. I decided to watch the video ( bored) and can say this is totally FAKE news. The reason is apparent......all the electric poles near my land are like this one, its therefore completely normal.....shame on you TV
  2. which only give a 5 year minimum and that they can change their rules at any time, so you spend 500k then next week they announce compulsory insurance from their own over inflated insurers ( of course) and despite you maybe having your own or a lump sum contingency.
  3. His life his rules and an option to die. I accept that responsibility.
  4. where you on the other hand who constantly whines about others whining are not eh
  5. No its just more of the total cack that they pump out these days that many think is "really good", right up there with that marvel <deleted> for rubbish movies. The addition of 70's music which youngsters wont know is another attempt to make it better
  6. they arent police orders which I thought only mentioned OA, a press release is "nothing"
  7. yes there the policies are MUCH cheaper (schengen zone) 168 euros for 6 months cover up to 30,000 euros max +1million baht with MUCH higher cover than the cack amount the 400k one is at roughly 50k baht a year for a 55yr old
  8. nope just back over the border then pay someone to get back in.....rinse repeat
  9. And how about applying all the other rules also like.....no helmets, no seatbelts, no licence, drunk, wrong side of the road..............I mean its ALL or nothing, you cant pick and choose...........oh wait? That's just how it works
  10. fascinating to see stuff like this, thanks, before some <deleted> chips in I DO realise this is just one office and vague interpretation of how they see any rule change but seeing how the thought process works in them is fascinating.
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