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  1. Well I haven't worn any since about age 12? Ghastly things, plenty of air circulation.
  2. BORING.......how many were those evil farangs?
  3. I keep a few acres of land I bought years ago in Portugal for the "what if scenario" of Thailand. Portugal also includes islands such as Madeira where the climate is very mild all year round and unlike the more southern Canaries is not dry.
  4. I wonder what time the noise can commence in the morning as close to me you can often here fired up at 4-5 am thud thud thud music somewhere?
  5. Good for you Simon, I know youve been thru some <deleted> here in Thailand ex wives etc Hotel business mafia what have you, congrats!!
  6. Yep I'd just ignore it and play their stupid "smile games"
  7. In my village theres certainly nothing more than mindless speculation/ gossip and outright lies spread daily, Im sure theyll be on the phone non stop about me. Like bloody 3 year old tell tales.
  8. Is there a number for farangs to call if they see Thais acting inappropriately? Id be on the phone all day. Soon wont be able to fart without being banged up!!
  9. Translates to "anyone with a hammer and screwdriver" you can probably mange without the hammer if you use a rock!
  10. No you don't, and sometimes those consequences bring about real change
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