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  1. Next time he visits a Thai hospital he will pay for 100% of everything. Unlike that alien complaining to a PM. Yea and ask for Prayuth next time to attend your needs. You may get a half bitten banana in face if you lucky
  2. They will probably cut out all the valuables they can use for Chinese "medicine" Then declare the Panda died from lack of somtum nutrition
  3. Well, the immi officers see daily the hundreds of Thais who are on their journey to perform the oldest profession know to man illegally in other countries They thought "same same, but I no stupid farang"
  4. I think this bro got his PhD together with the Aussie dealer It affected the prices two days ago, so now on Wednesday "BREAKING NEWS" It also dropped by over 5% yesterday, but they gonna use it to fatten their bank accounts
  5. You can go to central / eastern Europe and get the procedures even for half price in Thailand. With doctors and nurses who have excellent education, and system with all the safety nets.
  6. Stop submarines, graft, thousands of generals. All the multimillionaire politicians, army personal and policemen There would be so much money they could swim in it 0,- from me.. Already pay in stores for than the same items cost in the west
  7. It was first published by BBC journalist after they received an email from immigration. Which I posted in the thread that was locked as fake news. He specifically made hashtag #TM30. Personally I'm going to trust BBC instead of ThaiVisa warriors until proven otherwise. https://twitter.com/8td/status/1172120499133927424
  8. This is Thailand - it doesn't matter if you broke or not broke the law
  9. Khun John Bercow and Boris the Great must have the same hairdresser Great style for Brexit celebration pictures
  10. Wasn't it fake news 15 hours ago? Nowhere it says it's only about TM28
  11. Like recently when someone gifted 100,000,000 THB as birthday gift to someone (who don't need it at all anyway)
  12. You chill It was posted by BBC employee Thanyarat Doksone on Twitter - I tried to include the link but somehow it got deleted https://twitter.com/8td/status/1172120499133927424
  13. If you want to see countless mean spirited posts just go ahead and ready threads such this one (and many others on daily basis)
  14. A person working for BBC and ex-AP just shared what seems to be a new development for TM30 reporting If true it would mean everyone except people who are on retirement visa or married are going to be excluded from TM30 Would be nice little karma for the resident trolls "you should get the correct visa" - when the correct visa doesn't exist unless one is old or married cashier teerak https://twitter.com/8td/status/1172120499133927424
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