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  1. AHHHH. Now you said it all... Let's just hope all of their balls aren't wax...
  2. Exactly what I was thinking....
  3. The OP wasn't referring to US Navy only. Anyway soon about a 1000 of them should be here for RORO... Let's hope they were vaccinated and checked on STD's prior to their arrival.
  4. Maybe a person with (s)experience. lol
  5. Move your bed to the center of the room. 55555
  6. Some people are far tooooo serious. 5555555
  7. 5555. Reminds me of the title-track from MASH. ( S.....E is painless )
  8. Did his GF stay in the same room during her confinement... Same as Covid??? Maybe some traces of the drug left in the air?? 5555
  9. Maybe the wildest adventure in his life so far,a lot more to expect here. 55555
  10. From Delhi to London BKK as stopover????? Going by the moon to get to Mars????
  11. Have you lost your sense of humor??? 5555
  12. In Amsterdam, no problem. 5555555
  13. That was the same period as the end of a very famous war in the neighborhood.
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