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  1. Because these sites don't have the same idiots?????? LOL
  2. First of all she cannot have a yellow book, is her townhouse her main residence,i.o.w. does she have her name in Tabien Ban? Is your name in your(if you have) Tabien Ban? Only possible if you are Th National or PR......
  3. Are you talking about yourself??? I drink almost every day, including lock-down, doesn't turn me into an idiot...
  4. No comment; And why would you like to share your private life with TV??? Can't you work it out by yourself????
  5. Maybe ask your future new girlfriend.....
  6. I used to live 15 years over there, including Asok. Never ever got checked, neither on ID or WP...
  7. Absolutely agree on the name-translation issue., Can turn into a nightmare between Land Office and Umphur....
  8. Or maybe the fact that he was a wanted criminal in his country, dixit Teacherclaire.....
  9. Permanent residency. If you are PR your name is on page 2 of it in Thai. That raises the question or discussion of this property being your primary residence and having or not to pay taxes. Some say yes some no.
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