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  1. Lopburi3, Yes thanks for the reply. I found out that I do have it already when I searched for an app. On my Samsung A50 it is a part of 'Bixby Vision', so I have updated that and agreed the terms and conditions etc... Very easy to use. Of course it needs the internet and I only use the phone to connect to the internet at home. Not when I am out. So now I suppose I will have to get a mobile phone internet package that I don't need nor want. I suppose I could use the pen method - that sounds a lot of effort though if I have to do it in every shop I enter in a mall. Thanks again.
  2. Oh... OK thanks stevenl. I guess I need QR scanner app. I will hunt for one now Thanks again
  3. Could someone please tell me the REAL site to download this app. It will be to a Samsung device and I will use Chrome to download it as it seems to be recommended here. Thanks for your help
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