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  1. Generally speak, farang woman want Handsome and rich. Generally speak thai woman want gentleman, good manner and “jing jai” i can not translate “jing jai”. Handsome and rich also good, but jingjai Is number 1 important. North region thai man accent is very sweet. A lot of woman like that.
  2. 1) perfect voice. Really. 2) good band and good song. 3) people love her because she NOT sexy. She is “lovely”. Everyone say. 4) hard work. 5) attitude i put the sexy singer a lot here, because you are farang guys. Thai guy would choose marry “lovely” girl more than sexy girl. (But happy to “date” sexy girl.) Hard for farang to understand. Every family happy to have girl like this. Jah R-Siam, Baitoey, etc not so much. look at what she wear at concert.like normal person. She don’t need sexy.
  3. You put ex wife photo in the profile circle? We will miss you so much. Good luck.
  4. You hope. Why? You interest in the dick? I hope this rude guy not return. What your dad do if this happen to your mum? i hope you enjoy disappointing.
  5. Educate from confused farang called Banana or read the official rule on website. https://www.immigration.go.th/content/การแจ้งที่พักคนต่างด้าว If have problem, just show the dtormor this one. Is there rule. Good luck.
  6. In Australia the PM pray to “god” for rain. Will that help? Is god real? i don’t think that will have successful. Maybe Santa Xmas can help it? https://news.thaivisa.com/article/37475/australias-morrison-calls-for-more-prayer-and-religious-freedom
  7. This is famous Tomboy singer Gluay (English mean “Banana”)
  8. You confused. Foreigner do not do the TM30. The hotel or owner, boss where you stay must do it. Not your problem. At the hotel I work before we do it for the guest. Don’t even tell the guest, we do it all for them. Just take passport copy. Good luck in Cebu.
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