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  1. Not all. eg New Zealand. Have very sensible Prime Minister. Quite lovely. Not speak rubbish. Half the covid deaths in the world is Brazil, USA and UK. IMO this country’s Prime Minister/President is loons. Argue with doctors, bleach, promote drugs that not work. In UK and Brazil the prime minister/president have Covid. Boris go to covid hospital, proud to shake EVERYONE hand. I interested know about how many die because he spread it. And Brazil guy do the same, no mask, shake hands. Idiots. Really. Three idiots= 500,000+ will die. World economy terrible for long time. Which one the biggest idiot? Hmmm, not sure. Amazing guys.
  2. Er. I think everyday In 2018, around 23 400 persons were killed in road accidents in the EU: 45% of the fatalities were passenger car drivers or passengers; 21% were pedestrians.
  3. Thailand is open economy. No lockdown now. Everything open now. Because we control covid already. No infection 78 day already. Only not open to foreigners not want quarantine. If they bring covid again must close again. Sensible. Not loons.
  4. All countrys most the people not tested. thailand do 750,000 test already. More than most countries. More than New Zealand. If have lot of positive will test more. Every test the last 78 days is negative. Which country? You test yet? Why not? Test not help if you have covid already. Better wear mask, stay home, not get it. Good luck
  5. Ok 170,000 dead already 5 million positive infection 50,000+ everyday anti maskers, anti vaxxers, conspiracy theory x100 = 1 million + will die Be 329,000,000 people.
  6. Yes. Me and the doctor and scientist. You a antimasker? Watch YouTube?
  7. I was on construction site today in Ranong. Most job the Burmese working per meter. Not per day. Upcountry? Issan? Yes, be cheaper. Issan worker in Ranong today the site get 500 per day. Prefer Burmese. Generally speaking Burmese better skills, work harder, polite and faster. The Issan guys drink to much. Some is lazy, Some is stupid. Electric work 180 per point for Burmese. Install toilet 400 etc. Today is Ranong.
  8. 500-600 is normal for daily pay construction job. If monthly is less a little. I not know about Cambodians in Pattaya.. But I sure/know Burmese man in South get 500 daily construction. Sure. If smart/good skills they get “per meter”. Is more than 500 daily. eg. 120 baht per sqm tile work, brick is 50 per sqm, cement rendering is 60 sqm, chiam 20 per meter Install window 300 per window, slide door 700, wood/plastic door 250-300. 300 a day will only be weak or fat woman not have skills.
  9. Life in Thailand start again, schools, factorys, plazas, inside restaurants, etc. only the border is closed. I wish it open. But can not. Because selfish maskholes, anti vaxxers, anti tracing appers, anti social distance, anti rules people in many countrys. Stupid conspiracy theorys. Some place even have covid party. because this covIDIOTS is be impossible stop. They refuse the rules then cry they loose the job, business etc. Stupid people. If allow selfish people enter Thailand because “need a holiday” covid will spread again= schools, factorys, plazas, restaurants etc will close again. Thai people follow the rule= 5 weeks control covid. Other countrys not wear mask, etc etc, 6 months already= it be worse. I want covid to end SO MUCH. But be impossible with selfish idiots. Fact. Really. if not have selfish idiots= control covid about 5 weeks, same Thailand. The type in the video= the type “need a holiday” only care themself. =
  10. Good idea. Maybe. Phuket to many local people. What about them? If do it, are local people allow to leive Phuket? Be dangerous to spread. Maybe small island be better. Local population must agree. And if leive the island, should be quarantine 14 days. Test. Phuket, Samui be difficult control it. Only some countrys can come. Eg New Zealand
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