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  1. Will he will say he was 320 kms away? Never happen?
  2. Hmmm The thairath headline translate ... “Tourism Minister believes that after the end of April 63, the situation of the Covid-19 virus will ease.” similar... https://www.newscientist.com/article/2233249-will-the-covid-19-coronavirus-outbreak-die-out-in-the-summers-heat/ But the TVF “special” translation sound more exciting for the TVF member right?
  3. Absolutely NO doubt. @DannyCarlton like imagine the wonderful English help the poor Malay/Singapore. Is fiction story. But 144 years with UK boss the Malaysian and Singapore STILL poor. The English steal and make the profit. Thief. 7 generation. They leave in 1960 and THEN they start develop. Now 2 generation GDP a per capita UK=$42,000 Singapore = $64,000 They better now without UK “boss”. Sure. 1,000,000%
  4. Just your imagination. I not like Prayut, but you imagine that plan. Calm down.
  5. Hmmm, the farang colonise Burma (only democratic last 5 year), Vietnam (communist) Laos (communist) and Cambodia. You make Malaysia and Singapore “undeveloped” 144 years. Thailand better. And England bomb Bangkok. Kill the people. Anyway, you not colonise thailand. Because can not.
  6. The Crown colony was dissolved on 16 September 1963 when Singapore became part of Malaysia, which ended the 144 years' British rule of the island. In the 1960s, the city-state of Singapore was an undeveloped country with a GDP per capita of less than U.S. $320. Today, it is one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Its GDP per capita has risen to an incredible U.S. $60,000, making it one of the strongest economies in the world. For a small country with few natural resources, Singapore's economic ascension is nothing short of remarkable. By embracing globalization, free-market capitalism, education, and pragmatic policies, the country has been able to overcome its geographic disadvantages and become a leader in global commerce. Independence For over 100 years, Singapore was under British control. But when the British failed to protect the colony from the Japanese during World War II, it sparked a strong anti-colonial and nationalist sentiment that subsequently led to Singapore's independence. Err. Like I said already. They successful AFTER you leave. England not colonise to help the local, only to help themself. eg Native USA, Australia Aborigine, etc imagine thailand if English colonise in Thailand? Listen to TVF English guys complain abot thailand everyday is enough already. I think if you colonise, the thai people will all go another country! What a headache! Annoying.
  7. Singapore and Malaysia improve AFTER you leave. life is better in thailand. IMO.
  8. Be like Cambodia, or Burma, or Laos. Third world. Poor. or maybe like Africa. or maybe be like Native American or Australian Aborigine. Thankyou Rama 5! Thankyou so much!
  9. Some are undesirable. Most are welcome. If you visit Thailand most Thai happy you enjoy your stay, but not care much. The OP think foreigner/farang is important in Thailand. Sorry. No. Maybe Pattaya, CM, Phuket a little. 5% But most of thailand Thais are intersted their family, friends neighbors, pets etc. If you think you important that only you imagine that. in England, do English people care about Thai people live in England? Talk about them all day? No. Not important. You the same. Most you guys not speak thai. Nobody listen to you. i notice the “contempt” on this forum. But I member now 9 month already and I never see another thai read it. Thai people not care farang, not care TVF. 1 in 69 million thai! .000000014%! I read TVF to train English, but thai social media is more intersting. It mostly from the same boring 15 poster who post the contempt. (Maybe male menopause). Social misfit. Because I thai they excited to argue with me everything. I give up open new thread now. Because just will be the 15 idiots talk about me, not the topic I want to share. Last one they not even watch the video, but argue me! They not want learn, like argue everything. stupid. But not important. The question of this OP is a “thaibash” topic, so will be popular more than if I open a thread about intersting topic about thailand. IMO TVF miss 90% the important news for Thailand. Like to show overstay arrest etc. Is not really news for thai people. Have lot of Brexit, Trump topic. Thai not care about that. 0% Most member ok. Some interesting member, some member help each other, show good thing. Enjoy your stay.
  10. 54 years you study English. Wow. Go to Eire. Big effort. But this guy die on a road. You read it wrong way again. I am learning English also. It not easy, but you will improve. Not give up. i hope before 54 years. Good luck! Keep trying.
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