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  1. If she's wearing boxers, her testiculars must be swinging around. LOL
  2. First off I want to say AP Honda has gone above and beyond for finding the root cause of the hands off bar shake. 5 new tires, 2 new rims front and back. Shipped up to BKK. Tech made a trip to Hua Hin from BKK. After all that my worries of something mechanical wrong were blown away only to find that if you take off the back box the shake goes away. It is smooth as silk. Left the BKK mechanic scratching his head. I suggested this about 3/4 of the way through all the inspections. Cut the electric wires going to the lights and put in a connecter. So happy ending in Hua Hin. Love the new Forza. Great bike
  3. So empty the tanker and let it go. Problem solved
  4. Have a friend who met a girl 2 years ago. He fell in love. Just finished building a house up north and buying a 5 million baht home here in hua hin. Ink Just heard today he had a slip and fall accident in the bath room and bled out. I not take my chances.
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