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  1. I'm a citizen by birth and all I can tell you is what was required of me last July to start my benefits flowing.
  2. It's all a very simple and straight forward process. Open your account on the SS web site and apply to start receiving benefits. The manila office will contact you to get a certified copy of your passport, which you do at the embassy and send to Manila office. I use my Thai address and have had no problems. I also have my Texas address on record. I started collecting on my 70th birthday, which is the maximum amount date. Amount does not increase after 70. They pretty much will deposit it where ever in the world you want. I deposit in my US account and transfer as I need, only because this work
  3. It sounds like a fairly good deal. However, if nothing else, I'd take it to a garage and have a compression check run, as well as a general look over. If that indicates good valves and rings, buy it. This is one area that is worth checking, IMO, as it can turn into a very high cost repair and the cost of the test should be minimal.
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