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  1. Bunch of cr-p and BS. Of course we are discussing the real Thailand. It´s just you that wish to make this a very important and common thing, that we all should be aware, prepared for and watch out for. It´s not something common, that we have to be aware of, and the same treatment is not given to many people. Can you please make this more important by telling me how many cases like this you have been hearing or reading about the last 10 years? After that you can think about how much importance and how much scaremongering you need to wind up about it? I have read the topic, and are replying to your posts. Something wrong with that?
  2. That´s a really good explanation. How unexpected. Thanks!
  3. by the brown speed marks in their underwear, or whats left of them. Another alternative could be that being lit on fire scared the <deleted> out of them.
  4. Yes, but of course. Now we must think that this is a big risk if living in Thailand, and that many cases like this exist everywhere. This was bad people that absolutely shall not be identified to present the greater group of Thais or Thai women. Why are you posting such silly things that we are just human ATMs? That is just a tell-tale that has been made up of people that visit Thailand and starts unhealthy relations with Thai bar girls a.k.a. hookers. That is a part that has absolutely no relation or connection with the real Thailand and the genuine Thai people. Exactly same difference that it is in your home country between a hooker and a person living a so called normal life.
  5. So, does that mean that you had no clue about different cultures and living long time in different cultures before?
  6. Again! I never posted that I assume that. If I did please show me, but you can´t. So, I am an old git that have a wife you feel sorry for. Ok, that´s great. (She is very happy by the way, just out of the simple reason she meet a guy with his feet on the ground that do not assume untrue things about Thai people. She is also very happy over that I do not blame all Thai for the wrongs a few do. You know, same like in every country.) Instead of repeating yourself about everything else. Please feel free to tell about all that I/we don´t know, so it´s easier to understand what you base your precious knowledge on.
  7. When did I write it was a living in the country requirement to be in the discussion? The answer is never. What I am posting that you need more years to collect the knowledge you need. That as well as you are totally without experience about the subject you are posting in, is the things that makes you unfit for this thread. The only thing you have been doing to form your opinion is reading here and heard others complain, because you not hear anything from the happy ones. It´s just a barstool opinion, and nothing else.
  8. Don´t worry, they already have. In my area deep out in Isaan, out local little department store have implemented the clown circus.
  9. Because they hit their head really hard in the wall, and now believe they fall under the same status as a mall, supermarket or a megastore
  10. Ok, maybe so. Anyway, how does that in anyway change the meaning and the purpose as well as the use of the words I described in the post you replied to?
  11. Oh, yes of course. I was talking about the rest of the world, that lives inside the boundaries of the thing called reality. That excludes Dr. Trump territory.
  12. The purpose of a poll is not to change anything. You are mixing up poll with petition. The purpose of a poll is to collect statistics.
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