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  1. That´s 3 things and not 2. However, how can you be so irresponsible, that you wish the people you know, your friends and their friends to die of pollution?
  2. What you need is to buy a MacBook if PC´s start to make you aroused.
  3. Good summary! And that makes it all okey? Time for my cookies and milk. Can I sleep now?
  4. The latest time I heard about CM and 1600 was about 5-6 month ago, and it might have changed. The thing is that they can chose to fine all from 0-2000 from the possessor, and up to 5000 from a landlord. Anyway, it varies everywhere.
  5. Don´t worry! Now he will get the exclusive pleasure to experience 5 winters in a row.
  6. Are you practising you language knowledge? Didn´t commit a crime? Are you losing it? Did the last marble leave? Why does it stand in the Immigration law then? So, you are saying he broke the law, but he didn´t committ a crime? I suppose you hear how that sound. That´s what´s also called a bad plan from start. Never get a family nd children if you do not know 100% that you can take care and be there for them. Yes, it is a crime according to the Immigration law, and in this case it carries a deportation order and a 5 year ban also according to the law. If you have another opinion, does not make it something else.
  7. Still you are taking an example of CW that as standard have chosen tyo take 800 baht. Reports from CM before was that they charged 1600 baht, and in Jomtien they were leniant with TM30. I am quoting the maximum extent of the Immigration law. As well as me, you also know these things differ from office to office. That´s why I choose to quote the law instead of rumours or the closest office I belong to, because that is irrelevant. It also doesn´t matter if the op was on holiday. If the hotels report, then it according to the law must be reported when he stay with a friend. Stil quoting the law, in opposite to you that are guessing.
  8. Matzzon


    Do not trust a free VPN service, due to that they do not have any responsibilities to you. They also offer a more bad service and not as many countries like you would want. The speed is also bad. The best ones you have to choose from is Nord VPN and Express VPN, where I can vouch for Express VPN as the better one.
  9. Okey, sympathy for stupidity and you shall not judge a person living by his own laws? Sorry, I prefer to set the limits a little bit before that overdriven length. Bit, maybe you can answer a few questions then: Shall you have sympathy for a person that deliberately overstay his permission to stay? Is the the new modern soft touch we must have? If you shall not judge people that breaks the law. Why would we then need court rooms? If it´s such a small thing, why does countries have visas and Immigration police? Why do they just not let people come and go like they want?
  10. Now it´s about sheep and lemmings? How can it be right to follow others or even one person off a cliff? Are you suicidal?
  11. This thread is not about somebody that became redundant. It´s about a person that overstayed. Where are you failing to understand?
  12. First, my life is perfect and this thread has nothing to do with me or my personality. Second, you can´t hang him. That would be the wrong punishment for this offense. He is to be deported and banned for 5 years. Why would you like to hang him? Do you always go to extreme measures when it comes to applying the law?
  13. And I think you have a problem focusing on the thread. It´s still about a german that overstayed, and not about me.
  14. They only do that to the people that can´t or wont accept how things are. And if you can´t do that, you do not fit in anyway.
  15. Everybody that doesn´t overstay, abuse the wrong kind of visa as well as live up to the requirements are welcome. However, in your recommendation to the foreigners that, like you, do not wish to or can live up to the rules. Can you please do me a favour. Take them with you.
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