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  1. Yes, It´s will surely do. The good thing is that you have a usufruct that will give you the right to live in the place as long as you live or wish. That will also make it easier for you to split the house and the land in two deeds at a later stage. However, some offices will agree to that and some will not. It will also depend on the piece of land, but please do not ask me how they will look at that. Have no clue.-
  2. 45 days! Did you try that before the age of computers and Internet? it takes about 7-14 days to clear a check disregarding what bank you use.
  3. Yes, On Nut is good. As long as it make you have shorter time to work it will be as good as anything else.
  4. Generally all is pre-tax. That makes pre-tax official and any other thing if it is clearly written in a contract.
  5. As you speak it will not work. This is something you need to take up with the land and transport department. They are the only ones that can split up land and house between you and your wife. Has nothing to do with what stands on the building contract. As long as you have no paper that the building is yours you can not sign for building, as well as you will not get a name on something that do not already exist.
  6. Above we can see all the useless comment that do not help at all. Why do people continue to post without having any knowledge about the answer to the thing in question? However, I will have some questions. Do you have a GF, wife or children that can buy things with your, maybe, registered account on Google? If not then there will be ways of contacting Google. Below you will see some: Phone number +1-866-246-6453 After that you can register at LinkedIN and connect to Google that way. I have Matt Cutts, the head of Google SEO as a contact.
  7. Never said it was not sad. Just posted that everything else have rules, and then I assume same will go for this. Ok, now we have the usual wrath making a go at it again. However, I am sure you can understand it Colin. If somebody put you in a race for 100m you would probably lose. It´s natural and noting wrong with that. The same goes for this man. If they only could write that it´s an amazing thing.
  8. Even if this a a fantastic thing, and that the man is good at what he does, it could never be called snooker. Snooker is played with a cue. He can not play the game as it is, and can therefore not be allowed to play on international levels. That would be same as mixing paralympics with the regular olympics. It might sound sad, but that´s the way things work as it is today. After taking a look at the video it also looks like he is just at the same level as any other semi-good regular snooker club player. That video does not even touch any division at international level. Howev
  9. 2015 : 1 pound was over 1,4 euro. Today: 1 pound about 1,1 euro. That about how long time it has been talk about until the process started as well as soon finished to leave EU. Actually: IT LOOKS VERY HOPEFUL FOR THE EURO!
  10. Negotiations? That could only be possible if Boris had a clue of what that is and how they are done. Just look at how this man made an a*se out of himself in more than one country as a foreign minister. After that he is chosen as prime minister buy the people. Really!? However, he is on a roll and is continuing he´s streak of mistakes. What you are really trying to post here is that the EU is full of obstinate and unfair people,while Boris id all fair and a good guy that want what´s best for all. Do you really believe that?If so, then all hope is gone.
  11. Yes, my post for all to see once again: Thanks you for confirming your mistake and the fact that you are totally wrong. As you can se, the post turned out to be popular and has been rewarded 7 likes. So, I guess that will show you that re-posting my information does not have your desired effect. Sorrey! Nice try, though. Better luck next time!
  12. What? Personal attack? It was you that said you were tired. I just said that I understand your peculiar situation. However, I also assumed that you had hard to focus and realize what you in reality was the reason to you being tired. Enough with that. No personal attack at all. It was you that brought the tired subject up in the discussion. So, then you mean that you accuse me for wishing that UK suffers more, just because I highlighted who will come out with most problem? To compare two things and draw a conclusion is not at all same as making or delivering a wish. The one that is
  13. No you not get away that easy. What did I post that states I wish the UK to suffer more? I understand you are tired. That has nothing to do with my arguments. That has entirely to do with your accusations that you have no substance to stand up for.
  14. Yes, I know I posted at. Where do I write that I want ne side to suffer more? really think that it´s you who have reading difficulties and lack of comprehension capabilities. I just pointed out for you to realize who have the greater loss, due to that you only pointed out that EU stand in front of a risk to lose 1 million jobs. Please, now, point out where it stand that I want it to be like that? Another option can be to just keep quiet, if the only thing on your agenda is to twist information and make up accusations based on ck of comprehension. To bring up another thing to sp
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