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  1. As well as I totally agree with that the state of the roads are so much below an accepable level as humanly possible there is one strange thing, though. One that opens the eyes and embrace the sight of the roads into their mind, might very well see the possibility of an accident and avoid hitting the already seen obstacle.
  2. I beemed myself to Thailand about 22 years ago. Had a little help from my good friend Mr. Spock
  3. Please?? It stands that: "His family says he was paid $15,000 to do so". Exactly what weight does that have compared to investigative facts? To me your comment sounds like you are working for the defense. That´s what is to be called theoritical facts, that has to be investigated further. After reading this "“The court itself, from what we’ve been able to find out from lawyers and our own research, has a 95% conviction rate,” Murray said." it sounds to me that what you try to hold on to regarding what the family said, might be all rubbish. However, there is no relevans in if he made 5 dollar or 5 billion. What it comes down to is that he put himself in the crosshair, by blindly believe somebody would be just willing to give a totally unknown man the reign of a company as Executive Director of Eagle Gates Group Co Ltd. That just because they were in the need of a western face to promote the company. That´s pure stupidity! Normally a company hire educated and professional people to make commercial videos. The whole story is so unbelieivable and have so many holes, at the same time as people normally use common knowledge regarding their choices in life. In clear that means he knew a lot more what it was all about.
  4. Of course, That was my belief too. Regarding a murder compared to economical crimes the length of sentence between the part takers usually differ a lot more, though.
  5. And the proof of that, you have found where? Please enligthen my knowledge to a greater level.
  6. If you are promoting something that can be used illegally, does it matter if it will be shown in Thailand or used in Columbia? No, it does not! You just say no, and don´t do it.To me it sounds that he know exactly what he was doing, and took a stupid and enourmous chance for a possible great economical gain.
  7. Pool of blood? Does he state that he can´t find any wound on the body?
  8. It´s the high quality of a fantastic family resort with high moral standards.
  9. So if you are greedy and get scammed, then you do not have the right to get your money back. If you ain´t greedy and see an opportunity, bet your life savings and get scammed, then there should be another law for that? Is that what you are saying dear, mtls2005?
  10. Sounds to me that you went through all thet problem getting a pink ID card, just for have a chance to get a 7-11 Loyalty Card. Is that one really that important? The pink ID is for using for identification purposes dealing with Thai banks, authorities and at domestic airports as a few examples.
  11. Maybe because it´s not millions, but 1 billion instead. However, I must agree to the strange circumstances that he is remanded to the worst prison before sentencing. According to me he would be out on bail, preparing his defense like most other suspects. On the other hand, maybe his wife and family can´t pay or he was denied bail out of the gigantic amount connected to the criminal offense. It would be nice if people stop believing that there are something as golden pants, that will bring you great fortune almost for free. I guess he should have been checking up what he signed up for. Sounds to me he will have a hard time getting out of this. of course, there is always the chance that he is guilty and knew exactly what he was doing too.
  12. Thanks for the english lesson. It looks like you managed to understand anyway.
  13. As I do not understand one thing regarding what this OP is about, there is at least one fact that you can´t have been missing. People in cold parts of the world, love the sun and want to be brown, while people in hot countries try to avoid the sun and keep thier skin white. That´s just how it is. That all products are unsafe, is probably not right either. Anyway, thanks for a very entertaining and laughable post.
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