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  1. Okey! They managed to do that in only 3 sentences. Must be a world record. Anyway, let´s hope he get better and can work as usual again.
  2. If you as a registered company, have been sending an invoice to another company, you can charge a fee for late payment if your invoice have the following information. Invoice number Date of Invoice Due Date Information about circumstances if late payment after due date will occur Your company´s W.A.T. number as well as the buyers W.A.T. number More you will also have to have been sending out at least one reminder to your customer, as well as provided separate information about late payments and what kind of fees that are connected with a late payment before or in connection or on the Invoice. Good Luck!
  3. <deleted> talk, and a rubbish advice! What is wrong with online wallets? You just have to look what you get yourself into. You have Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Payoneer, EcoPayz and many more. The thing is that you need to chose the ones that are controlled by a trusted regulator. If you do not do bitcoin transactions to an online wallet, your deposits and withdrawals are always visible and can be traced.
  4. Yeah, those bad tourist. They just destroy everything in their way.
  5. With a current Non-OA issued before 31st okt 2019 together with a re-entry permit, there is no need for any insurance before the next extension. So, that will not be a problem, and is same easy to understand like all other very clear rules. If you are on a Non-OA visa or extension on that, then you must have the time to take care of the things you need regarding that. Spending so much money that you do not have 10k baht to go over the border a couple of days and another 2k baht for the extension needed is both irresponsible and very strange. If your economy is that bad, how are you going to take care of something unforseen that always lurks around the corner? Here you have a point, but on the other hand, as an example, you need to have been working and paying tax for 3 consecutive years to be able to get a PR. I find it very strange that people going for that status would be attached to a Non-OA visa. However, I am sure it exists and that might be the only valid reason in your post.
  6. No non OA visa extensions in Hua Hin because no health Insurance. Ok, I do not understand what is so hard with this, and the need for discussion after discussion??? This is exactly like they have been explaining the rules for Non-OA visa and extensions based upon same.* When you apply for and get your Non-OA visa in your home country, then you are allowed to have an insurance with the same minimum cover or above from your home country. That is only allowed the first year. If you after that wish to make an extension bases on your Non-OA visa for another year at an Immigration Office in Thailand, then you need to have a health insurance that are approved by Immigration. They are the ones you find at: longstay.tgia.org If you wish to circumvent to need of Insurance, then you have to leave Thailand and visit a nearby Embassy and apply for a regular Single Entry Non-O visa that will be valid for 90 days after entry. About 30 days before end of permitted stay live up to the rules for getting a retirement extension on that one. Without the need of insurance. Thats how simple it is. No need for a prolonged discussion about this subject. It will not need to someone getting a free pass anyway.
  7. I didn´t know that training was mandatory for joining a church or a religion based on believes. On second though, maybe they want order and not chaos. Just look at the carnage on the roads that is a result of poor driving training and education. Ok, now I know! It´s a Thai thing.
  8. That was a good choice of people to question. They almost got it trustworthy. Better luck next time. You´re learning, guys!
  9. When did I post I knew that, and who says they remained in ignorance? Never heard of it before, and who says I made the discovery? I thought it stand who made that in the article. What´s important with that? How can I share something when when I didn´t knew it or discovered it? However, I do not think it´s something fantastic. I also know that a cold can be transferred the same way. Last but not least, I believe it´s more important to list the safe things than one single unsafe. So, now I answered your questions. Can you now make an effort and answer mine.
  10. Irrelevant and off topic. I suggest you try your newfound abilities in the Health and Medicine forum, Dr. sunnyboy2018. Here we are discussing a nigerian arrested for overstay and opinions about overstay as well as overstayers. My personal history or life have nothing to do with that. But ok! Just to amuse you. There is absolutely no injustice or abuse connected to my post. I had a wonderful childhood with two loving parent. Exactly like I am offering and giving my two daughters. Just for that reason, I do not have to like everything, right?
  11. And that has to do with my quote how? Does that make it an offer, a bribe or a fraud? Yeah, I mean that thing that screams loader?
  12. And how do you know that? I say it´s a contributor, which in reality means, like you say, many things going on combined. You on the other hand can just say that I am wrong and it is not so???? What kind of knowledge do base that wisdom on?
  13. That must be because it is not a bribe. A bribe is when the one who is paying offer a sum of money, or other valuable items, to a person for an illegal service or a service that are refused according to rules and regulations. Here a person calls her and tells a price for an illegal service, which is a totally different thing. She is fooled into believing it can be done, and told the price for it to happen. That goes normally under fraud if the offered service is not fullfilled after agreed payment has been made.
  14. Yes, you should definately be worried, but you might also be lucky.
  15. Out of drugs. Out of money. They were both out of drugs and money.
  16. Oh dear, for crying out load! It´s an Embassy that represents UK in a foreign country. They are not there to create a better life for UK citizens that wish to settle down in Thailand. They are there for exactly the main reasons the man is kindly expressing, as well as creating, develop and maintain the diplomatic relationship between UK and Thailand. It´s horrendous! First you all complain about Thai Immigration and they are so bad. When that doesn´t work. Yeah, then you are looking down at your own Embassy that represents your own country in Thailand. Whenever will you people come to the conclusion that you might be wrong instead of Thai Immigration, your Embassy and everything else you can look down on and shuffle the blame to?
  17. Because I am not british, I voteed that I do not care. However, It might be interesting to know if I can be in the ballpark. I would say, based on how many british expats that live in Thailand, it would be in the range between 15001-20000.
  18. According to previous information, you shall be able to re-enter on a Non-OA visa issued before 31st october with no need for insurance. However, you will be asked for it regarding your next extension, or when a new visa might be issued for you.
  19. No problem! As long as they do not need a pre-programmed GPS to find their way home from 7-11, they are okey in my book. Do not ask for much, and much shall never be recieved.
  20. If a shooter had an explaination like that, I would without beeing an educated professional classify that comment as a part of a very severe mental illnes.
  21. Yeah, I agree! Most strange of all, though. Why is Thailand almost in the same place as Australia? I call for fake news. He couldn´t possibly have been travelling that way.
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