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  1. Not at all a fan either. Not a fan of war at all. However, putting yourself in a plane and willing to fly stright into something resulting in a sure death. Of course it´s madness of high level. Although it´s also a lot of guts, that you would not see in the common western soldier.
  2. Yep of course they get! Must fill the quota of poor spenders when the hype is gone.
  3. Totally normal that their server system can see what their Internet connection is beeing used for. That´s nothing unusual. Regarding other things, you should be happy that they have a security system and bother to look at it.
  4. You do best in a contact with Scania Thailnad. They have flatbeds with cranes, as well as the knowledge where to fins second hand models. This site also have cranes, but usually the bigger ones. You might get lucky with the price, though: https://www.machinio.com/cranes/thailand#results
  5. Yes, and for others that need to be reminded. Many non-americans have lost their lives in all the wars the Big US of A has engaged in during modern history. Some examples: Congo, Vietnam, Afganistan, Irak and many more nationalities. Just sad that they don´t get to have a special day.
  6. I can see that you like to blame the female sex for everything bad. What about all the boys that just makes girls pregnant without taking their resposibility? You know, these guys that do not know how to firmly attach a condom. And just for your information, it´s just a small percent of the girls that take off to Pattaya in the line of work you are meaning. Just guess that shows what experience of Thailand you have.
  7. Legal or not legal, is no longer a question for you, but you will find it hard to walk on the same path. (Shakespeare-influencer)
  8. Nah, not so hard to differentiate. Just that the same rules should go for all that studies something. One of those is attending lessons, otherwise they should be put on the fail list. That was one of the things needed to not fail in my school. Also brought something called disciplin into my life, that tells me the value of not skipping out of things I do not like while others need to go through it.
  9. I know it 5uck5! Some people have to work. Me on the other hand, can just look at people doing that. With a beer in my hand. Not fat, due to that I have interests like going to gym, mma and other fun sports you know. Hey, you should try living my life sometimes. By all means, don´t stretch your budget, boy.
  10. And in what part of the world is the same practise not beeing used? What you just said is that it doesn´t matter how much rise workers get, because the prices go up as well. So, then it has nothing to do with the amount then, right?
  11. What has my attitude to do with this thread? Just needed something quick to post, and that was the best you could do?
  12. No, it´s a predictor of early entitlement and disrespect. Sure, sometimes it can turn out good or bad in the end. Still nothing to use as an excuse for it to go on.
  13. Ok, thanks! Looks like this is going to be a dry day.
  14. Ok, I know it took you a while to come up with this story. Just one question. Is this your way of saying, it´s ok to fake your sick notes?
  15. Also be very careful, my friend. You do not want to fight that defamation lawsuit.
  16. Just for you, pal. You put far to much tobacco in the banana leaf compared to what would be in a normal cigarette, and then you still smoke same many as a person smoking regular cigarettes. Something else you need clarified? Do not hesitate to ask my friend.
  17. Just wanted to know if it´s still dead? If yes, I will open another beer.
  18. Yes, It´s very complicated. The only thing you need is a Schengen visa and you can move around as you wish in Europe(EU). Sound very hard, right?
  19. Sounds like different immigration offices. Just me catching the resemblance?
  20. What do they expect? Eating rotten fish, smoking home made cigarettes overdosed with tobacco in dry banana leafs as well as on a many time daily basis collapse into dreamland after a bottle of premium Lao Khao. It just might have that negative effect on the human body. (Not a doctor, just using common sense. I might be wrong)
  21. Perfectly understandable. This 16 year old girl must be smarter than average. She has found out that the Thai curriculum, as is, will not provide any vital information anyway.
  22. But see! Another foreigner tarnishing on the already deeply hurt reputation we get by all dorks that are still left in this beautiful country. Starting to be an everyday thing in the news nowadays. Hope everybody posting here still sees it like no big deal.
  23. What´s important here? That there is rocks in the water, or that a captain of a cruise liner drive over them?
  24. Of course it is! It´s a 2% rise in wages, which would be appropriate in most countries in the world. The people that reacted yesterday with disgust and telling that it was a shame, have to re-think. It´s not the rise in wages that are wrong, it´s the all over low wages in total that is not okey.
  25. How in the whole wide world can a swedish company be responsible for corruption and bribes in USA? Of course, I understand that they are registered on the stock market, but then there will be more than only the US that should have a part of the millions. Funny that USA is always out and putting there fingers where the money is, and not such a fair guy that they expect the world to believe they are. Not taking the wrongful act away from Ericsson, because they have done business the illegal way and should be punished. It´s just the funny thing that the self- proclaimed God of the world that always have to stick it´s fingers into it.
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