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  1. Is that going to be made out of more teachers from the philippines? The one that are actually lower on the tests shown in the news yesterday.
  2. Ok, just let it pass now. Find something better to do with your free time.
  3. Here you will have two alternatives: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/work-work-mini-220v-compressor-car-pump-hw-502-220-i9669747-s12118886.html?spm=a2o4m.pdp.recommendation_1.1.49d222445t6qtz&mp=1&scm=1007.16389.126158.0&clickTrackInfo=f2197c48-1009-49fe-83ee-8996c3847e32__9669747__3527__trigger2i__124572__0.98__0.9515174__0.0__0.41034746__7.7000004E-4__1.1515944__0__null__null__null__null__null__null__ https://www.lazada.co.th/products/puma-mini-2-220v-220-628a-i319952001-s608502632.html?spm=a2o4m.pdp.recommendation_2.2.49d222445t6qtz&mp=1&scm=1007.16389.126158.0&clickTrackInfo=f2197c48-1009-49fe-83ee-8996c3847e32__319952001__12606__trigger2i__124582__0.401__0.4054954__0.0__0.4909086__3.7E-4__0.40553242__1__1__PDPV2V__244__null__null__0__ These are of course made to work like an air pump for car tyres. However, with a change of cable and connectors you will be able to connect a variety of other tools like spray gun and others.
  4. My best advice. Tell her to check and book on agoda, booking or expedia. All have maps and good pictures. Regarding islands there are always things for both children and adults. Try Koh Chang or Koh Samet and she will have close to the mainland if not suitable. Aside from that she will also find a lot of reviews of all the island by a google search. Where to go is a personal choice, and also based on individual interests. If can´t manage that, then she should maybe consider it´s a too big risk to travel with two children to a foreign country.
  5. A long coming one. I though it was time already 2 years ago.
  6. Sorry to say, it´s far to late for a mental check up on this gal. That chance sailed long time ago. A baby Yoda is exactly same like her. Something that only lives in a fantasy world.
  7. They really got us with this statistics! Who ever could have thought it was that bad? Yep start at 3, and according to the statistics a lot dumber at 16. Counting with the amount they should have been learning.
  8. Yeah, sure! Then we can just look away from and just not care about things that you consider unimportant.
  9. And you are trying to say that he didn´t feel the same before he got arrested? Stupid try of an excuse. The man is brain dead.
  10. Sorry, It would just take to many beers to get around.
  11. My thoughts is that the only thing that has left, is the last outpost of cells defending insanity taking over the bloggers brain has left. On the other hand, if he is right. I am the first one to be happy.
  12. Yeah, I know you are getting a kick out of that. What your problem is, I do not know, though. You got your answer above. Anything else, funny guy?
  13. Virtual Private Network: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_network
  14. I tried to explain it to you. I can not help you to understand it. Go back in the thread and find the answers. After that if you feel the need get one, if not continue without. Simple, right?
  15. Ok, you are right. I just took that for granted, due to all the talks about it.
  16. Why is that. I said that passing, eating or even complaining about the food does not create a reaction like this. I also believe that he might have been doing something to get this reaction. I definately do not accept that people get attacked by mobs. Although, that happens in all countries when people go too far. Mostly it probably have to be something much more bad than this to be attacked in another country. However, this was in Thailand and here people react differently according to things and that has to do with culture. People that can´t accept the culture, understand it or adept to it is always getting into problems. For an example: If you would call somebody a water monitor in the US, England or Australia people would probably just look at you and laugh. Here that is one of the most bad things you can call somebody. When dealing with other cultures and do not fully understand them, I am saying that it´s advised to thread carfully. By, the way, thank you. Yes, I meant manners.
  17. So, that means it is still check up and immigration on exit, right? Just that you do not see it working.
  18. What? Based on compassion and humanity??? Somebody must have been on the Lao Khao early.
  19. Yes, I do not think it´s funny either. However, I have been living here long time enough to know that you just do not pass a restaurant, eat in a restaurant or even just politely complain about the food creates a reaction like this. Just maybe he is one of these guys that can´t show manor and adjust to the culture in the country he stays in or visit. So, what do you say? Have you just been attacked out of no reason at all?
  20. Does that mean he is admitting to living in Thailand without means for it? Otherwise he would be able to just buy a ticket, leave and never come back, or just maybe he´s too stupid for that.
  21. It´s both Fathers Day and National Day, so my answer would be no.
  22. Really? So, you are living in this hot country just waiting for the 2 month of colder season. Good choice!
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