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  1. Maybe even as old as Kafka. Not easy to understand what that guy meant sometimes.
  2. Nope, but it will not be more than 16 in the water when 24 in the air. If even that much.
  3. You don´t understand! How ever will his friends belive him, if he was wearing a mask? What? It´s over ten days work compared to the level of legal minimum salury after the big hike.
  4. One guy that has finally seen the light. Join the Blues Brothers Club, Chayanon.
  5. I wonder how he thinks that messages will be understood by his minions, that can´t even read a book with all the rules in and interpret it the same. However, It´s already to late. His minions have already adopted the overzealous attitude and like it to much in their hunt for small adrenaline kicks out of the power they can force on people. Actually, this article says nothing about expats and what they contribute to. It also doesn´t say that expats do nothing for the economy. Where did you get that from? You might be right, though. I agree! I should have been stopped at the border and denied entry, like all other foreign trash. There is nothing sensible about this. It´s just another master plan in the making. What? You don´t know that? A bad guy with money and the will to spend it, is a good guy in Thailand. But for the love of God! Do not ever try to take any money out of the country.
  6. And still they make over 170 million pounds in profit. I guess some persons still find them attractive enough.
  7. That one is simple! Because the best thing they know is to sit on their fat ar5e5 and collect their monthly paycheck.
  8. Do you at all know what you are talking about? Do you know how long time you last in 16 degree temperature, a little bit of wind and the possibility that your clothes are wet? Think about that before you make another remarkable post.
  9. No, I mean that the two persons in this story are acting like children. Regarding the pediatrician. Think about that it was in the UK, the land where most things are severely misunderstood.
  10. As they called, it sounds like they where smart enough to park themselfs on a island. Let´s hope they are found alive.
  11. Another neverending story. Move on children! A little bit longer with this story and it might be time to created super toys like Baby Elon and Baby Unsworth. Then there is the failing cute factor, of course.
  12. Ok, might be different in your world. I´ve had two children in hospitals and born in Thai hospitals, and never ever had a nurse asking anybody to leave when removing a drip.
  13. So, then we can only see this as a 50% Thai effort? I am sure they would have been calling her the worst dane in history if she done something bad.
  14. As you will have to go in to a shop to sign the cancellation in person and there will be a minimum of a 1 month time for the cancellation to go into effect. Why don´t ask in the shop when you sign? They will probably give you the best and the right answer.
  15. So, this is the 109 hectares she should give back. Good! Of course they will find a way through a back door to let her number one place to use the land granted. After all she was a nice girl to officially give it back. Now they can handle the matter unofficially.
  16. A nurse not allowing family members to be present when removing a drip??? Something really stinks here. (I don´t mean the finger)
  17. And who are you to give orders? Self-appointed administrator?
  18. Yep of course they get! Must fill the quota of poor spenders when the hype is gone.
  19. Totally normal that their server system can see what their Internet connection is beeing used for. That´s nothing unusual. Regarding other things, you should be happy that they have a security system and bother to look at it.
  20. You do best in a contact with Scania Thailnad. They have flatbeds with cranes, as well as the knowledge where to fins second hand models. This site also have cranes, but usually the bigger ones. You might get lucky with the price, though: https://www.machinio.com/cranes/thailand#results
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