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  1. Sometimes I wonder what has happened to human intelligence? A widespread debate??? Morons! Of course his actions were not justified, if we do not want a vigilante mob deciding what is the best way to follow the law. He should have taken the subject up with security, and they should have dealt with it. However, that means they actually have to do their work too, which is not the fact today.
  2. You are soo right. That´s also why they fear Grab coming keeping to the rules.
  3. Sounds wierd. It have been working before. Either it´s a problem like you say or it´s a new rule. I guess you do best calling support and ask.
  4. The question is why you need a website for that? Are you planning on export? (Will not be a great idea) Otherwise you will find Thai produced avocado in almost any supermarket nowadays. If you still need the fruit, it will be better to visit some cities in the north or north east, to find the growers. Many of them have between 50 to 200 trees. They usually do not need a website, due to that the local market buys most of their crop, or they sell themselfs in their local market or to restaurants.
  5. EMS is ok. Depending on what it is you might also consider UPS, Fedex, TNT or DHL
  6. Sky train might be the quickest option, but also the most complicated with luggage. I would definately pay the extra baht it cost to sit comfortably in a taxi getting from A to B without any hassle. Around 13 a monday, most people will be at work. The roads will be quite open without too much traffic.
  7. Normally it should not be a problem to send to another Paypal user/account, unrelated to what country the account has been opened in. However, if you are trying to send money by registering another persons bank account, that will not be possible. Neither will it be possible to add a foreign bank acc to a Thai Paypal account.
  8. The police station will be open all the time, but the different offices will most definately be open the 2nd and 3rd. To make a police check you would normally only need to bring your passport and possibly proof of address.
  9. So why not enter on an exempt visa first and apply for the SETV after that? Bad planning?
  10. Why don´t you try it out yourself, and message the real life experience after.
  11. What a disgusting offence! This will sure topple the name calling "water monitor" for the firt place of horrendous things.
  12. Why in the world would you like to do that? This is why they invented re-entry permit many years ago. Therefore an immigration officer that does the work right, should refuse such a thing.
  13. Yes, measured during the time the sun is up. Not with night time temperatures taken into consideration. Then it will sink drastically, hence why I asked you to reconsider. Ok, not reconsider. Just look at the right number that are relevant to the news, and at the same time use common sense when you look at the wrong ones.
  14. No use for further discussion. You go happy and believe that the water have a temperature of 28 degrees night time in December. And no, I actually been to the beach a few times in my soon 23 years here.
  15. You seem to forget a lot of things. Some people have it harder than others, which is something you have to take in to consideration. Sometimes that makes it harder to really commit. In other cases there is a wide variety of different metabolism. Which means that some people have to work duoble hard to get rid of their fat, as well as putting on 3 kilo as soon as they see a cake. After that I also find it hard to understand what you mean with fat people. For yourself you are talking about weight gain of 2,5 kilo and you rush to the gym??? 2,5 kilo extra is not at all what many people consider fat.
  16. Really???? Are you serious? You do know that you have been reading the tourist beach temperatures during daytime, right? So, what you are saying is that it´s about 28 degrees in the evening around 21.00 in the water around a kayak maybe 100 meter out? Sure you do not want to reconsider that?
  17. Maybe even as old as Kafka. Not easy to understand what that guy meant sometimes.
  18. Nope, but it will not be more than 16 in the water when 24 in the air. If even that much.
  19. You don´t understand! How ever will his friends belive him, if he was wearing a mask? What? It´s over ten days work compared to the level of legal minimum salury after the big hike.
  20. One guy that has finally seen the light. Join the Blues Brothers Club, Chayanon.
  21. I wonder how he thinks that messages will be understood by his minions, that can´t even read a book with all the rules in and interpret it the same. However, It´s already to late. His minions have already adopted the overzealous attitude and like it to much in their hunt for small adrenaline kicks out of the power they can force on people. Actually, this article says nothing about expats and what they contribute to. It also doesn´t say that expats do nothing for the economy. Where did you get that from? You might be right, though. I agree! I should have been stopped at the border and denied entry, like all other foreign trash. There is nothing sensible about this. It´s just another master plan in the making. What? You don´t know that? A bad guy with money and the will to spend it, is a good guy in Thailand. But for the love of God! Do not ever try to take any money out of the country.
  22. And still they make over 170 million pounds in profit. I guess some persons still find them attractive enough.
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