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  1. Did you read the OP´s use of it? When did I tell you can use a spray gun that is made for beeing driven together with a compressor around 8-10 bar to get the perfect result? However, I said that there is a wide variety of rools that can be used. You know, there is more than just spray guns and nail guns to be driven by air, right?
  2. Almost 23 years. What about you? And what do you mean with that I lived a sheltered life? Yes, I think you must explain, or you can butt out of replying.
  3. Yes, I just said that you needed an address that you can use.
  4. Yes, I am serious! Of course it looks like their work are worth more in different provices. If you choose to live in a province where things are expensive, then you must find a work suitable for that. If you work in London in Mega Store as a cashier, or if you choose to live in Brighton and have the same work as a cashier. Is there a lower minimum salury in Brighton? No, it´s is not. That´s because the saluries are controlled through unions and business organisations and agreed upon to fit the whole country. That means that people doing the same work gets the same salury.
  5. The best thing of all is that a person sitting in Phuket or Chonburi is worth more than people doing the exact same work in Narathiwat or Pattani. That´s outright sick!
  6. You can´t open an account in any country, without having an address you can use in the same country.
  7. That sounds more dangerous than sending it to Thailand.
  8. Yes, I understand your post perfectly. And that is that you do not care about the everyday loss of your foreign reputation caused by mad and wierd people.
  9. If people come collect them, they will recycle them and everything is fine. I have another problem. Where I live they put up 4 different waste bins to throw garbage in. Each of them have printed both in english and thai what they should be used for. This is the 4 descriptions: Harmful waste, Food scrap, Recycable and Other waste. That´s a really good idea. There are some problems, though. People do not sort their garbage in their homes. Here goes plastic, paper, batteries and food scrap as well as everything else down in the same bag. After that they go out and throw it. You would assume that they at least would have the brain to throw it in Other waste, but no, they throw them by free choice in the closest waste bin. In reality some people sometimes move one of this bins closer to their homes so they do not have to walk so far to throw their combined unsorted garbage. Not enough with that madness. here comes more. They only have one type of truck that collects this environmental friendly sorting of garbage. Here they happy guys just jump out every morning and empty all the different bins into the same car. Off they go with a big smile and a work well done.
  10. Whatever, in both cases people are behaving in a bad way. In that case it´s just more proper with two foreigners fighting on the street in a foreign country in the news, than it is with locals fighting with eachother. The only thing you are trying to do here, is making Thais more bad than foreigners. The same old story tried by many posters here.
  11. You have to search for: portable air compressor 220v air compressor 220v mini air compressor 220v
  12. Yep, just sack the coach so the players do not have to face responsibility. Problem solved!
  13. And then some people asks why the Thai´s go togheter in mobs and chasing foreigners. Here is the quick answer.
  14. Ok, and if it was seen when it was a small fire. Why did the personel not take care of it with fire estinguisher?
  15. Is that going to be made out of more teachers from the philippines? The one that are actually lower on the tests shown in the news yesterday.
  16. Ok, just let it pass now. Find something better to do with your free time.
  17. Here you will have two alternatives: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/work-work-mini-220v-compressor-car-pump-hw-502-220-i9669747-s12118886.html?spm=a2o4m.pdp.recommendation_1.1.49d222445t6qtz&mp=1&scm=1007.16389.126158.0&clickTrackInfo=f2197c48-1009-49fe-83ee-8996c3847e32__9669747__3527__trigger2i__124572__0.98__0.9515174__0.0__0.41034746__7.7000004E-4__1.1515944__0__null__null__null__null__null__null__ https://www.lazada.co.th/products/puma-mini-2-220v-220-628a-i319952001-s608502632.html?spm=a2o4m.pdp.recommendation_2.2.49d222445t6qtz&mp=1&scm=1007.16389.126158.0&clickTrackInfo=f2197c48-1009-49fe-83ee-8996c3847e32__319952001__12606__trigger2i__124582__0.401__0.4054954__0.0__0.4909086__3.7E-4__0.40553242__1__1__PDPV2V__244__null__null__0__ These are of course made to work like an air pump for car tyres. However, with a change of cable and connectors you will be able to connect a variety of other tools like spray gun and others.
  18. My best advice. Tell her to check and book on agoda, booking or expedia. All have maps and good pictures. Regarding islands there are always things for both children and adults. Try Koh Chang or Koh Samet and she will have close to the mainland if not suitable. Aside from that she will also find a lot of reviews of all the island by a google search. Where to go is a personal choice, and also based on individual interests. If can´t manage that, then she should maybe consider it´s a too big risk to travel with two children to a foreign country.
  19. A long coming one. I though it was time already 2 years ago.
  20. Sorry to say, it´s far to late for a mental check up on this gal. That chance sailed long time ago. A baby Yoda is exactly same like her. Something that only lives in a fantasy world.
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