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  1. ???? So, your friend can not pick them up? Your friend has nobody he/she knows that can pick this up? Sounds like something is very fishy here. Ever heard of delivery service? DHL, TNT as well as Fedex and UPS will pick up and deliver this as long as all is according to the law.
  2. Not even 50 yet. I do keep up with times, and are using phones and computer in work on a daily basis. They are great tools. As single traveller, sitting on the bus or train, I can surely condone the use of a mobile phone instead of magazines or books as you say. I do not agree with that they keep people connected better than ever. Today you use the word connected to symbolize a virtual world. people are not connected to each other, they just have multiple choices of communicating. In all other aspects this type of communicating, that unfortunately replaced real communication, is highly anti-social. As I wrote already, great tools for work and quick for finding information. Unfortunately most people that use them, also missuse them. Only today, driving my daughter to school I saw 4 people while driving 7 km, that drove motorbike with one hand while clicking on the screen with the other. That´s just one example out of millions.
  3. People with a mobile phone in their hands always act and look stupid. Nothing different here. The essence of a mobile phone user: Sudden incapability to see and read signs as well as react to people talking or things around them. Their own little virtual world consumes them into only seeing their own egos, and taking as many pictures of themselfs as possible to upload for all the world to see. Categorized as: Stupid act.
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