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  1. Screening to chose hotels that will keep their mouth shut about the kickback?
  2. The only thing you really should require is a QR reader. I use the one in my Line app. Show the store QR code in the finder. A message in blue appears at the top of the screen. Click on it and it takes you to the check in screen. One on the left in green is check in. Right is check out
  3. Not overload. My wife has tried a few times to check in but never able. Several staff have said that the program does not work on all phones. This will not last. Thais are not known to maintain things
  4. Who was it that was posting on TVF that Declan was running a scam? Well done Declan
  5. Surely you are just trying to wind folks up. No one could possibly be that anal, can they?
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