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  1. I missed reading the part about the man being a drug dealer. What is your source of info?
  2. No. Have reported online the last 2 times. Extension of stay is due 03 Dec, however.
  3. No idea what I am doing wrong. I have always used Chrome. Tried IE today. Every browser tells me to contact my local immigration office
  4. I have been trying to do my 90 day report online as I normally do. Tried Chrome, Firefox, and Bing. All come up with a "not secure site" message. Tried to ignore and report anyway but the get a message to go to an immigration center. Only thing different is that I changed ISP from True to ToT. Any suggestions?
  5. I have a KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175. Expensive but I've used it regularly for 8 years. Great machine
  6. Best bet is just get to Central festival early. i can not think of anywhere else in Pattaya that has any selection. But I may be totally wrong
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