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  1. He was supposed to get the Chinese jab to show it was so safe. Not a good example for his people
  2. Remember that the general stopped hospitals from buying any. None will be available after the initial Chinese <deleted> until the Crown Property stuff is available. As usual, all about money
  3. Hardly. I am not the one that said they did not like foreign companies but recommended Mercedes Benz. Have another drink
  4. Andy at Route 66 arranges off road trips. Do not rememeber the company name. https://www.route66pattaya.com/
  5. When did Mercedes Benz become a Thai company?
  6. Must be good money in poll taking. We have a new one daily. I think this is a fairly new profession. I do not recall so many until recently
  7. Yes. And all my friends use this garage
  8. If Sattahip is acceptable, call James at CarTech https://www.cartechservicecentre.com/
  9. I doubt Interpol would return anyone to an unelected military controlled dict gov't.
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