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  1. Back home, when my people want a visa to UK/us , there is usually some interview. If u cannot speak in proper English , you are rejected. No matter how much money you have in bank. Seems it's nto the case in Thailand.
  2. I dont know about western mind though. Never met a thai woman who is not a gold digger. Thai woman along with her family are bunch of gold diggers. Offcourse there may be some nice thai women who are not gold diggers. But I am yet to meet one
  3. Bring usd bills of 1, 5,10 or 20. Using 50 or 100 usd bills can be difficult at times as shops don't have change.
  4. Your question has been answered on the FAQ page of the official e-visa website https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/faq
  5. Sorry. A pair of shoe is 15-20 usd. There are many shops around pub street, night market, etc where you can find nice shoes.
  6. I don't know car hire. Foot massage starts at 1 use for ten minutes. Usually 4-5 USD for an hour. Some places have higher prices around pub street. Thai massage around 4- 5 usd for 1 hour. Again prices vary. You can get a nice shoe for 15-20 usd. They say it's made in Vietnam and original.i didn't try to get into it much. I once purchased a shoe and it was nice. T shirt start at 1 usd but quality is not great.
  7. Still doesn't satisfy my original point. How can visa officers of an English speaking nation issue visa to someone who 1. Cannot read or write English. 2. Works as a bar girl. 3. Can only speak in broken English.
  8. What if the Canadian is a member of this forum and reading our comments. Won't he be more upset? Let's be a little sympathetic to him.
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