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  1. because uk had been giving pfizer shots to begin with, nt sure if they started using oxford one yet, so i assumed its pfizer , and comment was that the gap is 3 monhts, so i said nt good IMo, unless approved by pfizer scientists
  2. no , its nt needed . thai company had tech transfer done already by astra, as per the article. its weird why they didnt make it already.
  3. good to read, great thoughts, there arent enough vaccines yet. this vaccine is not like shoes , stationary, clothes that u can buy and send to africa. there is not enough. the vaccine isnt freely available that i can buy and send to haiti or sahara. first come first serve. countries have already made deals.
  4. All the general's men. Enough for them. I am sure they wont have guts to take the Chinese shot and the oxford one seems good for now.
  5. why not a hollywood movie to tell the world what immoral things men have been doing in thailand.
  6. no one is implying its her child. why is it so hard for people to understand the zist. so i will explain again, some man had sex with some thai woman multiples times and for some reason stopped seeing her. after over 2 decades he finds there is a girl child born after 8months of his last meeting. this man is not so happy at home, his western wife is surely loving but his kids are rude and dont listen to him, dont respect him. he gets to know there may be an extra child in thailand and that makes him happy and sad at the same time , atleast he feels the girl
  7. India is no 1 in manufacturing of vaccine. It is world's vaccine factory. Big pharma business in India.
  8. Guess we all are in a way. Compensating a poor asian girl for sex? A man with high moral values would never do that
  9. well, after all the regular things it comes down to either ST or LT. I would prefer to walk around, do some window shopping and then tell my thai gf to come.
  10. we all know that. you got the vasectomy long back in the states.
  11. Someone talking sense finally, Well personally I am scared if I have a child somewhere. I have had fun with many girls in the past, obviously they were not given any money for sex and they wanted to have sex with me because i am a "hannsome man". We all know that thailand is prostitution free.
  12. Thats sick. he wouldn't but I am sure some people won't mind. And again, there is no evidence she is his daughter whatsoever. he just feels that. And such things happen when your kids from the main wife stop respecting you.
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