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  1. I used them on my last trip over, 7 weeks ago at Udon Thani airport. My plane was an hour late and I didn’t land till almost 8.30pm, their counter closes at 8.00pm however the missus explained I would be late so the guy there agreed to wait and said there would be a 500baht stay on fee, cheaper then staying the night in Udon I guess. I got a Honda BRV, 130000kms, good condition drove well etc, however the engine management light came on and I was a bit nervous about driving it. We rang Chic and they said they would swap it over, seeing we were in Phon Phisai I didn’t want to drive about 100 odd kms to Udon, they then stated they would drive out and swap it over, they arrived within two hours, with another BRV with 37000kms on the clock. Great service, easy pick up and return would use again for sure. Also unlike a lot of Thai rental cars even had new wiper blades in.
  2. Well what does a person do, I guess I will have to get it translated somewhere. Also wants the names of my mother and father who are long past this world, so there I think my birth certificate will suffice. My local office is not actually in Nong Khai city and a couple of mates who live in nearby Bueng Kan province didn’t have to get a translation. I don’t think I would get much success saying “that’s rubbish mate”.
  3. Just to get things right, when I arrive back in Thailand on a new 12month O/A visa next week, I will stay in a hotel in Nong Khai city the first night and they always want my passport so I presume they are reporting. So the next morning do I go with the missus to immigration and get her to do a TM30 within 24 hours to notify I will be staying with her even though we aren’t home? We live in Nong Khai province but 85kms from the immigration office and like to travel and stay overnight in Nong Khai city at least once a month, so if the hotel does a TM30 for that stay does the missus have to do another TM30 when we return home?
  4. The last time I bought lottery tickets my wife spotted some tickets with the last four numbers of the car we were driving. The tickets were stapled together in a bunch of five so it cost me 500 baht. It seems if they are stapled and feature an attached number as was mentioned in the corner between 2 and 10 they will cost 100 baht per ticket. So if the batch of tickets I purchased had come good I would win five times the six million baht first prize. My wife tells me that it costs 100 baht per ticket because you will win more money, I tell her I don’t believe that logic and that the price should be 80 baht as Prayut stated many moons ago. I do notice sometimes that some sellers have made a handwritten sign offering tickets for 80 baht so my belief is the true price is still 80 baht and should be. So ask before you buy and anyway the investment is crap, for 500 baht I could buy into three lotteries in Australia online and possibly win up to $80 million.
  5. The local amphoe office wants my passport translated into Thai as part of the paperwork needed to get a yellow book. Told by some it’s not necessary but I can’t argue.
  6. I need my passport translated into Thai does anyone know of a translation service in Nong Khai? I can travel quite easily to Bueng Kan or Phon Phisai too.
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