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  1. Was your condo empty between mid January and mid February when the Feb bill arrived? From comparing to mine, you used 41 units in February's bill period compared to 327 in this month's. I'm winning on this as my place was empty for over 2 weeks, but yours seems even more of a drop.
  2. There may be others, but I recall Cathay Pacific doing this and so many complained I don't think they repeated it. https://crankyflier.com/2010/10/15/cathay-pacific-expected-to-replace-pain-inducing-coach-seats/
  3. From their website: Emirates has added a cabin service assistant (CSA) to the crew complement on flights over 1.5 hours. The CSAs will ensure lavatories are cleaned at frequent intervals of every 45 mins. Each lavatory has been equipped with sanitising soap and hand washing instructions. It slows down getting on and off the aircraft thus reducing social distancing as folk bunch up.
  4. Nowadays it's called hoopla and you just use a hoop made of anything instead of a horseshoe.
  5. The request for a "repatriation" flight would indicate to me that the OP is Thai or asking on behalf of one.
  6. It used to be compulsory to pay a visit to your Bangkok office to sign up. Can you confirm it can all be done on-line now?
  7. Change to any time in the next 2 years free of charge and few other options. https://www.emirates.com/ie/english/help/keep-your-ticket/
  8. Yes, it's just the big rollaboards that they are preventing from going in the cabin, and they'll put them in the hold at no extra cost even if you've used your regular hold allowance. Win, win the way I see it.
  9. Thai Post Office have a contract to only use Thai Airways for outgoing airmail, and as they've cut all international passenger flights (which carry belly cargo too) it means just nothing is going. Thai don't have a stand alone cargo fleet AFAIK.
  10. Do a comparison with Xendpay too. You'll find they are very close to Transferwise and for some amounts even better. Good to keep an eye out for their special offers for no/reduced commission deals too.
  11. ATOL is a UK scheme which provides guarantees to customers of tour operators, mostly those who bought package holidays. Someone buying a flight only, originating in Italy, is unlikely to benefit from their protection.
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