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  1. Indutrial accountants where I've worked have much more influence than you credit them with. If, God forbid, another accountant somehow becomes CEO they will make decisions such as the one in the OP.
  2. There's an app for falangs due at the end of this month.
  3. It's been explained in another thread, but it's something along the lines of the wife signs up using her ID number, then adds the hubbie as a dependant or household member or suchlike, which does not have the Pink ID card check/requirement.
  4. Perhaps you could stop offering the same? He has not always done that, but a reason for doing so is to be able to move freely onto the next project with the prospects of regular profits again and a return on capital when complete.
  5. That presumably is when using the recently released app which is apparently for Thais only. A new app for foreigners has been promised for next month.
  6. Bolt - cheaper than Grab for taxis. Airline app - up to date flight info, baggage carousel no, gate no etc depending on airline. Bus company app - local transport info. Line/Viber - messaging. Grab/HungryNow/foodpanda/Line Man - food delivery.
  7. One of the requirements to qualify as an ASQ hotel is (was?) each room had to have it's own A/C system - no centralised air - to prevent Covid spread via any common ducting. Are you saying that wasn't the case where you stayed?
  8. Again I agree, it's a far from perfect system and I can't tell you how it ended up as it is. However it is what it is and in the current situation regarding international travel it certainly makes sense to use all available tools to smooth the way and avoid incidents like the one described. Although previously an Etihad Guest gold member I'm not up to speed with their practices as they pulled out of my local airport a few years ago. Emirates however do have their own interface into Timatic for customer use. Here's a screenshot with some of the details for an Irish national enter
  9. I think it was established a while back that you have never owned, managed or even worked in any similar business, and it becomes clearer every time you comment.
  10. That's correct and applies to many other countries too, but doesn't change the reason for the UK, USA and AUS decisions which were following a request by the Thai authorities.
  11. Any particular delivery service I have to ask for at the PO, and any estimate as to cost? It's a massage mat and headrest so not fragile in any way.
  12. The counter argument to ubonjoe's post is that the wording on the UK Embassy site makes no reference to re-entry permit therefore the requirement only relates to entries on an actual visa. There is another current thread asking for contributions from anyone that's actually done it so maybe we'll find out soon which interpretation is being used. Or maybe we'll find it's who is dealing with the application that makes the difference! That wouldn't surprise me.
  13. I have a package about 50 x 50 x 50cm, weighing about 3 or 4kg that I want to send to Italy. It was delivered OK by courier within Thailand, but I don't think the heavy paper packaging is robust enough to make the longer trip. Value of contents is < 1,000 baht. What are the different options for re-packing and shipping? Delivery time is not critical. Even just re-packaging suggestions appreciated as I can take it next time I travel if necessary, but I don't know when that will be and I'd prefer to get it moved sooner rather than later. Thanks.
  14. Book a hotel that will allow you to change dates. That's how others appear to be doing it and the hotels seem OK with it.
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