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  1. You'd need to put "1 day" for the length of stay on your TM6, but that might be worth doing anyway.
  2. The times are wrong for the additional flights on Tue/Thu/Sun. UTH-BKK should be depart 21:20, arrive 22:30. Total cost for the 10 baht flights is under 500 baht return.
  3. Between Diana Estate and Chunky Monkey around a month to six weeks ago. 45 baht San Mig or Heineken.
  4. I think any check would be done at the visa application stage rather than on entry. Or do you think both?
  5. Service started on 26th June this year. https://newsroom.airasia.com/news/2019/6/26/airasia-expands-australian-network-as-new-brisbane-bangkok-service-takes-off
  6. With big name items you pay for the name, the hardware itself can be made much cheaper hence all the Chinese phones with just as good specs and lower prices. It's so difficult to break into the market that copies are often a better (short term at least) business option.
  7. If I had read any of your other posts that contained as much nonsense as the initial one in this thread I would have commented appropriately or laughed at them too. Even if premium passengers are "most properly business men or retired business men" (sic) that does not exclude pensioners from being there too. Get over the fact you posted rubbish.
  8. Your initial post did not limit it to those who "just rely on the pension and have no private pension(super)", nor did it mention 1st Class, nor did it mention twice a year so now your stretching things just to justify a poor post which I joked about due to the poor syntax. Other(s) got the joke but you chose to keep on digging even after it was pointed out. Slow day perhaps?
  9. Whoosh!!! For info, many pensioners fly in Business Class. Thank you.
  10. What airline has a rule that excludes pensioners from travelling in Business Class? Ridiculous.
  11. I don't care about work. I thought it had already been clarified upthread that the idea of an Elite Visa (Type PE?) is not that of a Tourist Visa (Type TR) even if it falls under the same category. One lets you stay full time and one doesn't. Like others, I wish there were clear rules around Tourist Visa entries/durations of stay, but most of the TR cases refused are clearly too far away from being described as tourists.
  12. Do a factory reset yourself if it'll put your mind at rest.
  13. Anything on the help pages of any assistance: https://www.emirates.com/english/help/faq/418100/how-do-i-access-the-emirates-com-mobile-site?faqId=418100&frl=how-do-i-access-the-emirates-com-mobile-site
  14. I honestly don't know the answer, but a tourist as I see it does not stay 6 or 9 months at a time. Elite Visa is not a tourist visa so probably more appropriate. I currently have a METV, used so far for one trip where I entered and exited Thailand multiple times. I intend to do the same before the visa expiry in January. I think that is closer to the intended purpose of the METV than staying the 6 or 9 months mentioned.
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