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  1. I believe it can be found on here: http://www.hsscovid.com/
  2. Beware the KLM flights as they are mostly transit flights which appear to no longer be bookable to BKK, going by the KLM website.
  3. No, currently scheduled to resume on 4th November. Current options are Thai Smile from BKK or a few from DMK.
  4. Yes. The list can be found here: http://hsscovid.com/ Click on the second of the 2 boxes with Alternative State Quarantine in them.
  5. Were you using the app or the website interface?
  6. The OP mentions he's never done one so will be unable to do it on-line.
  7. It's always seemed to me that those using agents while keeping the money invested outside Thailand and earning easily achievable returns were the financially more astute. Seems odd you think most are the poorer ones.
  8. You should be able to change the ID registered to the card at an AIS or Telewiz outlet. I think you can do it with USSD code/SMS too but not sure if it works when the SIM is already registered.
  9. Book using a credit card then if it's cancelled the CC company will refund you. Be aware that AC fly out of Narita and transit between Narita and Haneda was banned for a while, although I'm not sure of the current situation.
  10. Did none of last week's advice help your mate? https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1187966-a-brit-with-credit-cards-issue-in-thailand/
  11. It was reported over a week ago in this thread (Page 557) so this would appear to confirm it.
  12. You scan the codes from within the ThaiChana app. OP. It has pretty much died a death when out and about but I think you're initially asking specifically about when you enter Thailand? There are a couple of recent threads about entry experiences and I don't recall the app being mentioned. Maybe ask on one of these. Here's one of them: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1188862-getting-from-uk-to-thailand-practicalities/
  13. So interesting you failed to spot the OP had arranged another test and is now in Thailand?
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