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  1. I just received this back from my query to the embassy. Confirms postal return of documents is available and walk in also OK - not sure whether for pick up, drop off or both.
  2. Ignore this - I found it on this page: http://www.thaiembassy.org/london/en/services/7742/84397-How-to-apply-visa-by-post.html
  3. Is the postal return option still available? I've nor been able to find a reference to it on the new evisa system.
  4. The airlines use a system called Timatic to check passport requirements. There are various ways for individuals to access this system - I use this one via Emirates' website. https://www.emirates.com/english/before-you-fly/visa-passport-information/find-visa-requirements-results.aspx You will see Thailand has no "6 month rule" and you can put in transit countries if you have any.
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