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  1. You leaving without reasonable notice could just as easily be termed "shameful and unethical" despite the medical reasons. The honorable (sic) thing is probably to accept forfeiting the deposit in lieu of notice, and this would be true whether in Thailand or in Europe and whatever the nationality of the landlord.
  2. Below "Top Up / Payment" and above "Points & Privilege".
  3. Please go back and repeat what you actually did when you think you transferred money out of Thailand using Transferwise. One of the first actions will be to select the currency you are sending. In your case that'll be Thai Baht. Please take a screenshot of that selection similar to the one I've shown here for US Dollars. I'm sure many here will be interested given our inability to select Thai baht here and Transferwise's comments posted above.
  4. No (2) after the 1909 update for me. Decent manufacturer's will have done this before it left the factory. I would expect Lenovo to have done this.
  5. The entries quoted for the OP and his mate of max 3 weeks (and as little as 2 days) with significant time out of the country do not appear to me to be the target of the "scaremongering", rather it is folk maxing out TV or Visa Exempt entries. Different circumstances entirely.
  6. Can I ask why not? You've obviously been in Thailand with the "wrong" visa status, are planning to repeat this but also want to avoid trouble at Immigration. This would normally be done with a Non Imm O Visa so why not get one?
  7. No. 1 - so have I (and others above) but I'm aware of the Ts and Cs and the possible repercussions so it's only fair that these are pointed out. No. 2 - I don't know how or where you do your transfers - maybe in your mum's basement - so how would I possibly know what exchange rate you get? I was pointing out the difference I have come across between a bank's exchange counter and a withdrawal via a regular teller. Also as pointed out above, this may vary between banks/branches. Either way, my post was not "unsubstantiated nonsense" so maybe you should take your hands away from the keyboard before you embarass yourself even more.
  8. As of around a month ago, Dee money could not send from Thailand to the UK - they'd fallen out with a partner or something - but I believe the intention was to resume the service when possible.
  9. I don't believe there was any particular reason for it not being continued and it was just the fact the evisa application system was written around the Chinese process which never had an option for one so it wasn't written into the software.
  10. OP here again. As suggested by many, I applied for and have now received a Non Imm O Visa, Single Entry, based on a private pension, valid until 14th Feb 2020. My existing METV, valid until 21st Jan 2020, has not been marked as cancelled or anything else. I am due to arrive at BKK on 7th December 2019 and have a return flight booked 59 days later. Does it now matter if I get stamped in for 60 days on the METV or 90 days on the Non Imm O given my intention to obtain a Retirement Extension? Will it make any difference to the procedure for the extension or the timing for doing this? Will it limit my ability to travel outside Thailand at all during December/January, or even February if I lengthen my trip? Any advice or comments appreciated.
  11. How do you do it when you're not in Thailand? Maybe you could use the same method.
  12. Don't let what's written on their website put you off. I don't satisfy the two requirements you quoted and I'm sure there are many more in the same boat but I was still issued a METV just a few months ago. If the METV looks the best option for you then contact the Embassy, tell them your circumstances and see what they suggest. Although not in the USA, it worked for me. It won't eliminate any issues at airport immigration, but don't rule it out purely based on the employment requirements posted.
  13. Mine have been supplied electronically for the past few years, in an easy to modify pdf file.
  14. Your first post did not indicate that you wanted to check it in. Maybe you should have taken more time writing it slowly so it could not be misinterpreted. Nevertheless, carrying on 20kg across two bags is nonsense whether they encouraged it or not. You should have insisted it be checked in.
  15. Why do you think the carry-on bag rules don't apply to you?
  16. Don't you hate it when you try to correct someone and then screw it up yourself?
  17. Send your documents now and include £10 GBP to have them returned in mail.
  18. What happens if you do a check using *121# then send?
  19. There's something amiss in the photos. The TV has shelves on the wall above above it, or maybe it doesn't. The microwave changes models and has shelves above it, or sometimes a cupboard. Certainly some clarification required.
  20. It should read it automatically when the file is loaded and put up the "Pass" notification if successful (see pic). I would take another/better quality scan. You're right there is no "Proceed" button.
  21. After scanning in your passport and waiting for a few seconds. The software will attempt to read the MRZ and if successful will populate many fields further down the page with the info it has read, eg name, expiry date, passport number, DoB etc. It will also say "Pass" or something similar below the scanned input. It might not fix your issue but if you've let the system populate several boxes they at least will be right. If it doesn't auto read then take another scan and try again.
  22. You're right to say the withdrawal shows as pending, and it also reduces your available credit, but it does not appear on the balance figure until it's posted 2 or 3 days later. It is this balance figure which you are not supposed to allow to go positive. In practice you can do it and will often get away with it, but do it too often and you risk getting huckled. For no 2, if you go to a teller it'll be as you describe. If you go to the currency window as stated by the post I quoted, this is effectively a bank's Bureau de Change and does not offer the Mastercard rate. Here's a pic of the Krungsri Bank at the S-Bend on Soi Buakhao showing the currency window outside the bank. You will not get the Mastercard rate there.
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