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  1. Both myself and a mate (him Huawei P9(?)) me with a Huawei Honor 6 both had a similar problem, although not as a result of a drop. Investigation led us (him really) to the battery being prone to swelling and forcing the screen outwards. We both had the batteries replaced within the last week and both our screens now sit flush. Both batteries removed were visibly swollen. Mine was 650 baht to replace, his was 700 baht.
  2. You can now make the Agoda website display the total price. Select the currency symbol at the top of the page and you'll see this choice.
  3. Selecting funds for long term stay in Thailand changes the process and results in the 2:00pm transfer you have seen for Bangkok Bank deposits.
  4. These Sunday flights are flying. The Thursday ones last flew on 25th March and will resume in May as mentioned above. They took over in March from two SilkAir ones that flew throughout February. There are other domestic routes operating from Phuket as well as flights to Bangkok.
  5. Not 100% false either - I and many others have related almost instant transfers. It can vary on which bank you are sending to and the reason for transfer selected (and maybe more).
  6. Cetus Club and Fitness Seven Gym, both also in The Avenue, were on the list of places visited by known cases the other day too.
  7. There are a few threads running with more current information, but no it's not started yet. Look for recent posts from "Hammerman" to find the latest news.
  8. Did you even take the time to read the OP?
  9. I think Qatar Airways removed that requirement a few months ago.
  10. They could find out for most folk from airlines Advanced Passenger Information data, but in most cases have no interest in doing so.
  11. Emirates' insurance covers outpatient costs also. Would that be allowed to cover both insurance requirements?
  12. I recalled reading of people renewing because they disliked the photo. This article seems to back that up. https://www.paspic.com/blog/can-you-change-your-existing-passport-photo/ And this article categorically says you can renew at any time. https://www.travelsupermarket.com/en-gb/blog/travel-advice/passport-post-youd-better-hope/
  13. The insurance is also required to get a COE with an "O" visa (see section 7 in your first link). The OP may be better off entering visa exempt and extending or changing once in Thailand.
  14. No, there would be next to no pressure there. T-ing into the supply as described above is what you need, although is not allowed in some places.
  15. Just noticed the "Topics" are being updated again for me. It's threads with new posts that are appearing rather than new threads, but not sure if that's what it's supposed to be or not.
  16. I'm not sure that's true (but happy to be proved wrong), however lost, stolen or damaged passports can be replaced (not renewed) and it's not difficult to put one in the washing machine or dog's mouth.
  17. You don't say where you're going so it's impossible to say how specific any rules are, but I have seen some places (overseas) where travel to/from an airport is permitted.
  18. That's not necessarily a great indicator of intelligence or accuracy, although I do think he's right in this case.
  19. https://www.vfsglobal.com/en/individuals/covid-test.html
  20. You misunderstand. I freely admit to not knowing the cost of the equipment needed to perform these tests, but if the poster you quoted could have told me I could work out a potential profit margin as other costs can be found or reliably calculated. His apparent knowledge of the profit margin made me think he was in possession of this information but it turned out he was just having a rant based on no knowledge at all but the feeling that it must be true because we're nasty, dirty farangs. The profit margin may indeed be alarming and price gouging taking place, but we don't know t
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