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  1. I called Japan Airlines and the Chularat 9 Hospital and asked them about a 'Fit To Fly' certificate, and neither seemed to know what it is. Did you read somewhere that it is currently needed?
  2. Whenever I call Bangkok Bank I select '0' to speak to someone in English. Then I get connected to someone that does not speak English. Then after asking to speak to someone who speaks English, it is always at least a 15 minute hold time. Has anyone else experienced this? This would not be a big problem, but I am going to be traveling overseas and if I need to contact Bangkok Bank it will cost me a lot of money.
  3. I don't know what CW is, but they gave me a covid extension at Chiang Mai Imm because they rejected the combo (pension + bank balance) for the money requirement. But I am 90% certain I will not need a covid extension unless I was to test positive for covid or I messed up on my documentation for my chihuahua dog I am bringing with me. So I am on my way to Mexico City
  4. I am aware that there is quick Covid testing for arrivals into Bangkok Airport. I will be departing Bangkok Airport on March 15th. I was told by the Airport Call Center to go to 'Chularat 9 Airport Hospital'. But their results take 24 hours. I will be staying at a hotel close to the Airport. Does anyone know if there is a hospital that has quick Covid testing close to the airport? Thanks for any help.
  5. I had a strange "Correction" thing happen today at Bangkok Bank. I wanted to transfer all of my money from my Bangkok Bank direct deposit account to my Bangkok Bank savings account. My accounts were opened at a Chiang Mai branch, but today I did the transfer at a Bangkok branch. I think maybe the strange (deposit-withdraw-deposit) transactions are because the branches are in different provinces. 01 Mar 2021 10:57 - "Cash Deposit" --- instead of a transfer they withdrew my money then made a cash deposit. 01 Mar 2021 11:59 - "Correction for No-Book Cash Deposit"
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