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  1. Apparently the jeep ad was pulled. But will start again now that he wasnt dui.
  2. I got news for you. Isis was not defeated. Did you forget trump also killed a rather important person in the middle east. But but hillary, rent free.
  3. He wasnt treated special. $500 fine for 2 drinks. You would be treated the same.
  4. But it doesnt prove guilt. Dna alone is not worth much.
  5. The ones that plead guilty are admitting it wasnt consensual, by definition. How many thousand names do you want? A dna match by itself proves nothing except he was there, it is not evidence of guilt for anything. Simply saying a person is guilty because his dna was on her is blatantly wrong. If your wife is murdered and they find your dna in the home does that make you guilty? what part of that do you not understand.
  6. Why would it matter what he said. He couldnt speak english so i doubt the guy could understand him anyway.
  7. He victim doesnt look 70. You have no idea what happened, only that they sat together and motocy guy beat him. to you thats ok.
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