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  1. That only works if people are not permitted to buy in other states and take the weapons home. If caught then mandatory jail.
  2. Why, trump got in with none of the attributes you mention. Then again, it was a disaster.
  3. he is not a political leader, he holds no office and is not in a political party. and he said the teacher should not have been killed.
  4. Correct, he does not think it appropriate what the teacher did but does not agree with his murder. what part of that do you not understand. Why on earth would i care if you ignore me.
  5. Yes, act like civilised societies and make gun ownership very difficult.
  6. Mahathir said he does not agree with the killing of the teacher.
  7. You must really be scared n thailand without your gun. Hows the basement.
  8. Why, its fine here, a very tolerant country. But not much to do or see unless kl, langkawi or penang.
  9. No they dont. Mahathir is about a hundred years old and his comments have been roundly condemned. I live in malaysia and his comments have not been well received.
  10. Anyone that supports a president with 22,000 lies and puts citizens lives at risk is certainly not rational. Its more jim jones cultish.
  11. Why, is it the only place that sells? Good to see some social responsibility.
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