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  1. Me too, dont think i could ever want to return to australia. da nang or somewhere similar in vietnam for me.
  2. I couldnt live there. Too many whiskeys and walk out to pee on a tree and id be off down the cliff.
  3. I quite liked hua hin. The bar area is nice, i like to walk around. Not as dirty as pattaya and certainly less of a mercenary feeling there. It is a more laid back feeling.
  4. What a bunch of idiots. Im sure some would have gone knowing social distancing will be observed but then found, as usual, there are morons that dont care and put others lives at risk. Yes trump is to blame for telling everyone to open up and disobey governors etc. that cretin has blood on his hands. At least he got a couple of rounds of golf in.
  5. Really? Those coming in from china were not tested or quarantined. The virus came in from europe. As for nancy, she was following trumps advice, it was all under control so why shouldnt she say that. Or was he lying?
  6. You must be thinking of australia. Anything that looks at you can kill you.
  7. Just couldnt resist bringing up the republican mueller that has nothing to do with this thread. And you got it wrong.
  8. Fiji didnt seem to get hit by the virus. NZ is pretty much in the clear, also far out of the way from troubles, plus its a beautiful country. But take warm clothes. Im not moving from SE asia though.
  9. Probably because the virus came in from europe, not china.
  10. Thanks but i will not alter where i buy things because compulsive liar dropped the ball.
  11. not a theory, just facts. US had a person in china to know about these things. China lied to WHO. Trump believed china. WHO corrected themselves when they found out more info and alerted the world. Trump refused to accept china had lied and thanked Xi for being transparent. Trump continued to deny it and referred to it as a hoax even after being told it wasnt. So dont go blaming china. The govt knew about it and wouldnt listen. The buck stops with trump.
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