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  1. Because they are investigating. They put all articles together then vote. But you seem to think they should vote on one thing each time Trump does something. Which is every day. Would at least get repubs doing something in the senate as they refuse to do any voting on bills before them.
  2. Trump lied to you again. Those troops are not coming home. They are going to Iraq. But Im sure you will now think thats ok.
  3. Yeah, how dare them pesky dems expect him to follow the law and not obstruct justice.
  4. Well just following the constitution would be a nice change.
  5. Your mind works in mysterious ways. Even Ukraine govt asked the US for help to get rid of the prosecutor. The facts have been shown to you over and over but you still look for any conspiracy.
  6. Yes i suppose its hard to forget her when someone obviously held a gun to your heard and made you click on the link to read about her. That does make it difficult.
  7. The science is settled and she is telling leaders of the world to do their job and do something. how dare she.
  8. Will be so funny when trump is out of office and tells his supporters that he tried everything he could to get kicked out of office but the people were too dumb to notice or care.
  9. You guys are so funny. Trump admits he broke the constitution by asking a foreign govt to open an investigation and you dont care. Biden carries out US policy and at the request of Ukraine govt and you all jump up and down.
  10. I think its best to now not respond to those with no concept of reality. I am not surprised a trump supporter has no idea between fact and fiction but its best to just put them on ignore now. its no use trying to explain facts, they just cant handle the truth.
  11. You guys still going on about this. The UN gathered the best climate scientists in the world. They investigated all the evidence and made their decision. The science is settled and no amount of posturing from pundits on here will change that.
  12. She certainly is holding an inquiry. Have you been living under a rock?
  13. Feel free to list what hes done. can start with repeal and replace on day 1. then perhaps the wall mexico is paying for. but i will grant you, he certainly has turkey and the kurds moving and shaking.
  14. Better ask trump. He seems to think there is something wrong with it because he denies it. trump also said he would stop any international business while he is president. Another lie.
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