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  1. Go Trump. First thing to do is repeal Obamacare. Then reduce illegal immigration. Which has increased. so hows it going on his two big platforms.
  2. Could also be the umpires not knowing the rules. There is now an issue with the overthrow. Seems England may have been give 1 Run too many.
  3. Nice to see an admission that whilst Trump promised to fix illegal immigration it turns out he is a failure and Obama kept the US better protected against illegals.
  4. Im sure Melania is considering going back to where she came from. Except her parents are in on chain migration.
  5. So because something is not allowed in SA you consider that to be all islam? How daft. He is bigotted because he only goes after muslims, he does not share the same passion when his friends are charged with the same crimes. I have Hundreds of muslim friends due to the nature of my work and the country I live in. Just normal people trying to get on with life.
  6. Islam does not outlaw other faiths. A bit like the bible then. A man can have 4 wives but only if the first wife agrees and only if he can prove he can financially care for all. Also the wives must also agree to marry him. He cant just chose a woman. Wife beating or any beating is illegal. Islam does not instruct. I have no problem with muslims who I socialise with who havent beheaded me for being a non believer, but instead welcome me. And yet all of this is off topic. This is about TR being a bigotted scum who broke the law. I note he only does that for muslims.
  7. Wrong. Defendants are also brought back to court if the jury has a question before reaching a verdict. Also if the judge wishes to issue a direction to a jury that is having trouble reaching a verdict.
  8. And yet he is guilty and in jail. Go figure. Perhaps you should have advised his defense team better.
  9. The reason he was not given a trial by jury is because there us none for contempt of court.
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