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  1. Education is a wonderful thing. Those that where there considered it wrong, ex sas commander considered it wrong, army chief considered it wrong, 4 year inquiry with witnesses consider it wrong. By your own admission you know nothing of what occurred, but you disagree, got it..
  2. Those that serve but dont agree with u are wrong? How odd.
  3. Thats because there was no violation. trump just doesnt like obama, thats it.
  4. So you didnt read the report and its sad you dont umderstand it. Sas thinks its wrong.
  5. Either with us or against us, kind of determined oz would go.
  6. I see he now says he will concede and leave the whitehouse if biden can prove his votes were not fraud. what a goose.
  7. The original judge is a republican. On the appeals panel were 2 gwb judges and a trump judge. Yet he still got a flogging.
  8. Where does that address the murders the investigators found? instead of pripheral how about direct. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/asia-pacific/australian-military-official-apologizes-to-afghans/2049883
  9. Try reading the report of the investigation, including those sas soldiers that were there.
  10. Perhaps he would if international forces would leave.
  11. Again, if you read the main findings of the report you would know.
  12. The report absolved the top brass because there were false reports filed. Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the main findings.
  13. Then then planted weapons on them and filed false reports.
  14. Perhaps you can look at andrew hastie comments, former sas commander.
  15. Yes, andrew hastie, former sas commander and now senator. https://www.macarthuradvertiser.com.au/story/7025488/former-soldier-and-mp-wants-more-oversight/?cs=9397&utm_source=website&utm_medium=index&utm_campaign=sidebar
  16. Because a 4 year investigation said so. Because the top military brass agree. Thats how i know. Those that were witness to it, whistleblowers that were there, top military commanders agree. The investigation referred them for prosecution. The prime minister is on board. But of course you know better.
  17. The others will be in jail, unfortunately it will take a long time.
  18. They werent fighting. They murdered prisoners and innocents. Not everyone is an enemy. Some obviously learnt nothing from similar atrocities in vietnam. If you stand by the military you stand by the whistleblowers and commanders that condemn the behaviour.
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