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  1. Ahh donald, the most disgraced lying impeached president in history.
  2. Well as long as you are ok. I also pass the tests but its stupid to have them as it pushes costs up. Also housing industry hates them. I dont vote for my own good, i vote for what is best for my country.
  3. Then why doesnt trump just order it all thrown out then. Hes good at trying to get others to do things but refuses to do so himself. He said he was the head of the justice dept (another lie) so just do it.
  4. Tell that to the people in jail. It also made money.
  5. Thats why i left oz 7 years ago. Too expensive to live in my own country.
  6. Is there anything and anyone doesnt threaten. Yet he never gains anything. What did he gain witholding ukraine funds. Surely he would not release the funds without getting what he wanted by refusing. Oh, he doesnt threaten rocketman, duterte, putin, netanyahu. All fine upstanding men.
  7. I think britain should be paying those reparations.
  8. Bluespunk is correct. It may be legal under an occuppying force to sell anything it wants as it can make the laws at the time. But later laws can override that and make the sale illegal. Mabo and land rights to aborigines in oz comes to mind also. But in effect Bluespunk is correct.
  9. What non partisanship, even fox news said it was a stupid move. Blagojevitch, the epitomy of the corrupt swamp. Trump cant say he fights corruption after this. Didnt take much, only for blagojevitchs wife to go on tv saying how good trump is. Boom, pardoned.
  10. Agree op. Its very unprofessional for them to refuse the visa but not tell you why.
  11. Why should the eu care what uk wants. The job of the eu is to care about eu members. The only option for uk is to take it or leave it.
  12. Well it isnt a problem for the alleged victim either, if you cared to read the op.
  13. None as much or as blatant as president pinocchio.
  14. I dont support either party. Trump supporter wrong again.
  15. Trump said he was fired. Bolton said he resigned. Guess which one lies the most.
  16. Yes donald, they know they can do it, but they wont because unlike you he served his country with honor.
  17. Why even have a president. Trump has done nothing and the US is still rolling along, even though the debt is the biggest in history. Just let the senate make decisions. All the president does is corrupt the office. Well this one took it to an art form. There is an awful lot of money wasted on a whitehouse that does nothing.
  18. Its all about the book. Of course he could just give evidence.
  19. talking facts and sense to a trump supporter is like talking to a brick.
  20. Debunked. But facts are not your strong point.
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