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  1. So this is what the submarines will be used for ... to protect this land bridge. China thinks 4 steps ahead ...
  2. What it doesn't state is the corrupt monopolies protected by law in Thailand. Craft Beer wouldn't have to be imported as much if Thai Craft Beer was allowed to be made in Thailand and to compete with the 3 biggy monopolies - Singha, Leo, Chang. These monopolies are so scared of losing any THB even as they produce their own swill Craft Beer. Boycott the 3 big monopoly Craft Beers - U beer, Copper, Snowy ... - until they let Thai's create their own Craft Beer here in Thailand.
  3. Just start collecting data to know where/what to target and stop with all the hot air. 1) Count all deaths, not just at the scene, but any death due to an accident. All deaths to people without a license All deaths to underage drivers All deaths due to people involve not having lights on or wrong lights (no red lights in rear) All deaths due to people driving the wrong way All deaths due to small bikes (less than 400 cc) and all big bikes All deaths due to no helmets All deaths with > 2 people on motorbike All deaths involving u-turns
  4. Why did it take 7+ yrs to prosecute these politicians? Yet, the student protesters get prosecuted immediately (or within 3 months) and are denied bail. What did these 8 core leaders do that was against the law? What was done was much less offensive than what Phayut and his gang did to steal their power.
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