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  1. And a new song by the illustrious leader to make it all go away or at least make one feel better ...
  2. All this previous data did not include your bank passport number, and it was still leaked.
  3. With all the financial and personal paperwork required for a Retirement Visa, "Non-Immigrant O Visa", is anyone worried about Identity Theft? Do we all think that the Thai Immigration Dept handles all this paperwork securely? I'm talking about the beginning phase where you must get a 90-day Visa to start, all the way through to extending an existing Retirement Visa each year. immigration officers coming out to your residence and taking pictures of your bank passbook along with your country passport all the paperwork handled down at the Immigration Dept I don't at all and wonder when we will start seeing some of this personal data sold for nefarious purposes. What recourse will we have at that point? I've been hacked back home twice now and all they culprits needed was an old check (where we used to have SSN, phone and address printed). Yes most of us have gone paperless now, but you best get rid of all old paperwork securely. I'm not sure what it would take here in Thailand to be able to acquire a new debit / credit card linked to "your" bank account.
  4. Doesn't the US have to back Thailand? Thailand was once the US's largest CIA station in SE Asia and most likely still is. Maybe with technology it isn't as relevant to be so close geographically to China ... I'm not sure. Just look at the size of the US Embassy on Wireless Rd ... What do you think is behind those walls?
  5. How many times has the Phuket "tuk-tuk" mafia been told to reign in their practices? No governor or police chief has been able to do it (or wanted to). Now the diaper wearing PM wants to try? Good luck!
  6. Don't forget the US too! We could have been out of VN in '69 (or soon after) if Nixon had not colluded with the enemy to prolong the war.
  7. Much can be said about the men in charge now ... The man in diapers leading is the epitome of power hungry and ego person (can't call him a politician).
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