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  1. Dude...what does it matter? Trump and his henchmen issued the "memo" of the transcript (because the call was so "perfect", the transcript has to be hidden away!) and it is already all there! Word for word! Wake up!
  2. He mentioned Rock- concerts, probably hinting at the Bataclan- shooting in France. Maybe we should remind him of the 2017 Las Vegas- shooting. No political background, but nonetheless: no muslim involved , but a guy, as white as the wall! 58 people dead an a total of 851 injured! ...god, I hate, when this s**t develops into a contest of who -is- worse!
  3. "IMO, all the uproar is only making Trump MORE likely to be re elected." Which would be the best evidence yet, that the USA have collectively lost their minds!
  4. Compared to "white (christian)" crimes? Yes...absolutely! maybe you should look at the USA!? Just an example! I am still waiting for your sources!
  5. Except, the majority -the VAST majority- of criminal acts of all kinds in Germany (and other European countries) are still committed by "the locals"! And by the way: what happens in other cases, has nothing to do with THIS case!
  6. A quick pull out...something Melania hopes for, every single time! Sarcasm aside: what an idiot!
  7. In one hour, I will be off to a popular pub on Surawong Road for Happy Hour! The number of people, using their Wifi each day, must be in the hundreds! Getting all Wifi data and keeping if for a min. of 90 days? How practical!
  8. Very astonishing how the "land of the free, home of the brave" and the spreaders of democracy worldwide, keep their tail between their legs, when it comes to ...well..freedom of speech and democracy hitting them in the wallet! Absolutely shameful behavior by the NBA!
  9. ..and with the devastating consequences of climate change, the situation will get worse! MUCH WORSE! Europe...America...the days of your powerplays and money grabbing on the African -continent are over! Your (post) colonial policies are now biting you in the behind!
  10. So I assume you are still proud of this bumbling idiot, who can not piece 2 sentences together and who basically just gave the "okay" for Turkey to kill the Kurds! What fun!
  11. As long as the laws in this country are effed up in a way, that we can not even know what EXACTLY he posted, I will not refer to Thailand as a Democracy or as a "free" country or as anything other than a banana- republic!
  12. Two Luegermeisters at work! I pity the Kurds- it is now open season! Erdogan will put safety- zones in place? Yeah ...right!
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