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  1. I wouldn't say, Thailand is not civilised! Some people are, though! And since I am just back from a posting holiday, after telling some nice fella, what I think about his train of thoughts, I will not point to specific people here!
  2. I gather you believe the numbers, the Thai- government publishes? Would you like to buy a bridge? And by the way: what a nice chap you are!
  3. ...and then you woke up from your fever dream, realized you live in the real world, where not everybody likes to be told, to be in bed by 10 pm with the lights out and hands above the blanket!
  4. ...unless...they know something you and I don't know! For example: the real numbers!
  5. Sure...all of those were words...but in what language? Working hard has exactly what to do with post- apocalyptic times?
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